Sunday, June 30, 2019

PIT-tifully Bad Pun Post

Thanks a mellon for dropping by today. I wanted to show you these ROUND beach towels from Wal-Mart.  If you are mellon over what I am telling you, you're one in a mellon.

When I saw this giant avocado on a TOWEL, I thought you have guac to be joking. You and I go together like avocado and literally everything. I found that avocado puns are just pit-tifully bad...
Avo good day!

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Nostalgia or not?

a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations

Above is an electric ice cream churn. The name on the box is Nostalgia.
The word ice cream maker on the front is not nostalgic to me.

 Ours that we used on every 4th of July, was hand cranked. And cranked, and cranked and cranked. But worth it. Ah, my mothers homemade peach, or banana or vanilla ice cream. Now that is Nostalgia.
The other thing that is not nostalgic, is the fact I did not SEE until this came up on the screen, is it is not written in English but Spanish. 
Another thought is... why are the words ice cream maker in English? 

The big jars with spigots are not nostalgia to me, but the pint and quart sized canning jars that looked like this bring back memories of  shelf after shelf of mothers canned goods.

Yet another thing not from my past, is the fact it is now NECESSARY to put a sticker on the front that says GLASS. Really? who knew?

And I am not sure why they have a Cow on and arrow..
It is cute though.
All this to say, I did flip back in time when I wandered through all this, and remember fondly things from my childhood.
Photos today taken by MadSnapper in Wal-Mart

Friday, June 28, 2019

Nature Friday from my archives

Hi, I'm Stephen Seagull, don't make me kick your butt!! Give me that sandwich!

Hey there Gull friend,  if you will point out which gull ate my sandwich and then left a deposit on my windshield, I will give you my potato chips.

 What? you think because I am cute and young, I would be gullible enough to believe a human?

OH NO! what if all that left over food wasn't mine?

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

New Blouse

Top row phone on table, waving hand signals, bottom in bedroom mirror

I forgot ONE item on my Wal-Mart shopping list. I went back on Monday and as I walked past an end cap, there hung a blouse. You can guess the rest of the story....

I NEEDED wanted a photo to show you the blouse.

I sat the phone on the table and made a fist to take all the top row pics. they were ok, but did not show the blouse very well since I had to stoop over because standing up I had no head and if I backed far enough away to show my head the photo was so tiny you could not see it. the blouse, not me.

Do I look thinner in black and white? I think so. I took this in the bedroom mirror
OH Snap!  Walk softly and carry a big lens!  Photography may be a negative experience.
Bye Now! Stay Focused! I am gonna SNAP!!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

My Bucket List

My Bucket List

1. Wooden Bucket
2. Mop Bucket
3. Plastic Bucket
4. Slop Bucket

Did I make a pour decision? Does my Bucket List pail in comparison to yours? 

Have you ever used one of these? Had one in your home? We had one in my school in KY with a shared dipper to drink from.
Photo from 2007 Archive, Manatee Historical Village
I went to visit WM again and found the Charity that was connected to the tire wishing well.
It is Children's Miracle Network Hospital. comes up on the cash register as CMNH to choose what to give

Monday, June 24, 2019

Guessing Game

You are all so hootiful, owl you need is love! 
I once heard an owl say, it no longer when I will kill next, it is a matter of Whoooo...
Well, owl be darned, aren't these a hoot?

Can you guess where I took these photos? Can you guess what the owl is and what dept I found it in?  Don't worry, owl tell you the answers at the bottom...

Can you guess what the tires are for?   

Did I hear you say you are tired of puns? Oh, spare me!

Photos from Wal-Mart. The owl is a key chain, and was in the automotive dept. the tires are a wishing well for a charity that I can't remember the name of, it is one that makes dreams come true for kids...
Put money in and make a wish and it might happen, but others will benefit whether you get your wish or not.  

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Rention Pond Break

I took these two photo through my windshield at Regions Bank. That is Applebee's Red Awnings in the corner. These ponds are often small oasis for us in the tropical heat.
My car temp thingy said 96, in the shade. we are HOT. Grab the shade where ever we can find it.
I sat there waiting for the AC to do its Job and the next thing I knew, SNAP

 In Florida every commercial building or condos or apartments MUST by law have retention ponds to collect our rainfall.
A five minute downpour can put an inch to 2 inches down in that short period of time.

 With daily storms from May through October and as much as 70 inches of rainfall a year during Florida’s wet season, it can cause a lot of damage if the water doesn’t have somewhere to go. This is why retention ponds are so essential to this tropical state. 
More info HERE in Waterfront Clean Up.

Reminder, if you visit Florida, every single pond you see might have an alligator in it.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

No Problem..

Want Sunshine in your life every day?? Here in Florida we party in the sun like  flock stars.
We flamingle every day in the brilliant sunshine and HEAT..
In fact we are flmazing here...

Don't care for Sunshine? 

No Prob Llama! We have cold AC and hot Wi-Fi for indoors fun... Or read a book under a Palm Tree at the beach..

PHOTOS FROM Walmart with my cell phone....

Friday, June 21, 2019

Take A Gander! It's Nature Friday

Go on! Take a Gander!

Is this fowl play?

A Gaggle of Geese at SPCA

A group of geese is called different names depending upon whether the birds are in the air, in the water, on the ground or on land. 

When on land, the group is referred to as a gaggle. A group of geese flying in the air is called a skein. Once the group goes onto water, it is called a plump.

Muscovy Duck says, Am I quacking you up?

Photos from my archives, taken at SPCA

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Strangers In The Park

Lessons from the Canine World of Dog Parks... 

Joy is portable, bring it with you. 
Always be joyful, never stop playing.
Run on, Run on, and you will never run alone...
Joy is not in things, it is in US..

Photos from my archives... Bray Park Dog Park, 2006..... the small dog is my friends dog Samantha, deceased last year at age 17.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Down at the River 2005

I dragged Bob down to the Manatee River just before sunrise, back in 2005. The river is behind the gate, that is a private dock out over the river. It was not total dark, just looks that way because I used the flash. We turned and I said LOOK and Snapped without flash.

This photo is out of the Kodak Easy share, can you guess what it is?
 Scroll Down for the answer

It is a school bus driving past the condos behind it. I fiddle with the colors. Of Course! the top is what the camera saw. The squares are the glow in the dark decals on the bus sides,  you can see the condos better below...

Monday, June 17, 2019

Back in the pool.

Bob returned to the pool after 2 weeks out and when we came home from the pool, OH NO! I pushed the magic button and the GARAGE DOOR did not MOVE!  NOOOOOO...

Good news is, it was just a battery, Alas! no battery, but he had a really old Magic Button on his workbench because he never throws away anything, he kept it from YEARS ago when we bought the new lifter thingy... the ancient battery worked.

Bad News! That night I received this in an email. OH NO... he missed 2 weeks and now this.

Good news! I said when we were drinking our 4 AM coffee, since we can't swim, why don't we go walk around in Wal-Mart and get our exercise that way. I nearly keeled over from SHOCK when He Said Yes!  We left for WM at 5:17, our time we go to the Y and I took him on a tour of the newly remodeled and oh so ugly WM..

we gathered up new batteries for the Garage door opener and batteries for his hearing aids, and walked the perimiter of the store in icy cold temps. We ended up spending 20 minutes in front of all the AMAZING Big Screen Smart TV's and when we left I said ....

It's time for you to learn how to do self check out.. and handed him the batteries, He muttered and fussed and carried on.  I said just walk up to it and wave the battery. Don't i have to touch it? NO, just WAVE the battery....
Now wave the other battery. Touch PAY, put the card chip in the scanner, Voila! you are done.

He said that was easy.... Told you So I sang on the way to the car. I may have taken a few photos.

Wheres the car he says...  (he did not know I took this to see what the cell does in the dark.
there it is, right where we parked it 40 minutes ago, all alone and feeling blue

Sunday, June 16, 2019

My Fathers Daughter..

I am my Fathers Daughter... we were 2 peas in a pod, but it took me until after his death to realize it.
Habitual to a fault, resist all change, there is right and wrong, forget the gray. Stubborn, muleheaded, I am Right. Purchase only needs, forget the wants. there is more but this post says a lot about it.

Today I am doing a repost from 2010. Only two of you have seen this post, Ann and Ginny, you might remember this.
Happy Fathers Day Daddy, I AM your daughter, and I know you knew it.

today's PHUN is intended to prove that my fears aforementioned (is that a word) in other posts, are INHERITED and NOT my fault.

My dad always feared someone breaking in the house, since we were dirt poor, he made his own Alarms,   His most famous was as follows:

Place 2 cookie sheets on top of fridge, put several pie tins and assorted lids on the cookie sheets. Tie a string to the bottom cookie sheet and from there to the door knob of the door into the kitchen. Once when we visited I opened the door for testing purposes and the noise was incredible.

My Uncle Jack came over to visit. He decided to leave through the kitchen door. Daddy had NOT deactivated the alarm for the day. As Uncle Jack jerked the door open, daddy was screaming NO JACK! don't open.... well you know what came next. we all nearly expired from laughter when all the pans came down on Uncle Jacks shoulders and head and we were all screaming with laughter.

At age 40 I lived alone in a townhouse.  Upstairs And Downstairs with bedroom UP. My fear was someone would come in the back or front door, or step through one of the floor to ceiling windows, or climb in the window over the sink DOWNSTAIRS and I would not hear them.

Being my fathers daughter, I took glass bottles and lined them up under all the windows under the curtains, and then at night the last thing I did was put several glass bottles in front of each door.

(any one having flashbacks of Conspiracy theory starring Mel Gibson?)
guess where I learned the bottle trick? Dear Daddy, I was shocked Mel knew about it.

When I realized Daddy and I shared the same FEARS of just about everything, I googled Genetics and Fear


Traditionally, fear has been thought of as a learned response.  The process is known as conditioning.

"Now we can say that the fear conditioning process in humans is controlled, at least to some extent, by genetic factors," he said.
 Between one-third and one-half of the fear conditioning process appears to be inherited, he added.  I found this on  ABC science

I rest my case.......

Saturday, June 15, 2019

No Caws for alarm

Way back in 2005, I took this photo with my trusty little point and shoot Kodak Easy Share.

Holy Crow! I am afraid of heights. How did I get this photo? I was not on the ground with a zoom.

NO Caws for alarm!

The Story is below.

Bob climbed the tower, I was right behind him because the tower was enclosed, there was no way to fall off, they made it that way. When we reached the top he raced to the other tower. I DID NOT.
I snapped a quick couple of views from the safety of the tower, snapped the crows and went back down.. 
As soon as he climbed down, guess what I needed?

Oh No! He didn't! Did He?

Friday, June 14, 2019

Flag Day, June 14, 2019

For 242 years our flag has flown over the USA!

Today we Celebrate Flag Day. It commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States on June 14, 1777 by resolution of the Second Continental Congress.

On the Punny side... What did King George think of the Colony's? He thought they were revolting! heh heh heh..

All photos today are one flag, that flies each day at a neighbors home. Our neighborhood has may flag flying

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

No Trespooping Please

It's aboat time they built us a ramp....We are knot to bad, for nauti-boys

Please! No trespooping! 
Never More! Never More!
Photos taken by MadSnapper, 2005 Myaka State Park

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Update on Bob's Melanoma

Stitches are out, Bob can swim today. Yay!

Not so Yay! the 4 inch of skin had zero clear margins. 

Another Yay! it is Melanoma In Situ which means, skin only
stage zero. Has not spread anywhere. Is not anywhere but thin skin. None showing any where but very thin top of skin.

Our 3 options.
1. enlarge the 4 inch even bigger (more surgery, and still might not be clear) she suggested a no on this one
2. go to MOHS and see how far it extends
3. watch it once a year to see if it comes back.
We will talk with the Dermatologist that sent us to the surgeon on the 25th, and see what he has to say, but are 99 % sure we will do the watch and wait... Surgeon agreed that at age 83 this is a good choice. zero is very low risk, 5 to 10 years if nothing done.