Tuesday, March 31, 2020

WHAT is this?

Can you guess what this is a photo of?

 Can you tell now?   come back tomorrow for The Rest of The Story

Monday, March 30, 2020

It IS what it IS

I am adding an update today. If you love puzzles and are bored with life at home, got to Yams Online puzzles. HERE
Where my mind goes, I will follow. 
I have not been posting about this contagion, this will be the only post.

I opened a box from Amazon, it's a harness for Big Boy, 
a no pull harness by Mighty Paw, 
sold by Amazon but fulfilled by Mighty Paw. 
Yay! it's here, it did not come in 2 days but 6 days. 
I know the reason is THE VIRUS that is ruling our lives.

 this box was handled by the people who created it,
 the people who delivered it to Mighty Paw, 
the people who put it in the box,
 the people who picked up the box and put it on a truck, 
the people in the truck, at each stop it was transferred all the way from the beginning,
 plus the UPS truck that delivered it. 
 the mail is touched by whomever sent it, 
whomever licked the stamp,
whomever picked it up,
 the postal crew, the zip code persons, 
the loaders into the mail truck 
the mail man who goes from house to house touching every mailbox t
hat has been touched by the people who live in the house...

If we call out for delivery of pizza, follow the same as above...

Somewhere , someone picked the tomatoes,
milked the cow
delivered the milk to
the person who made the cheese, 
created the peperoni , 
ground the flour, 
bagged the flour
delivered the pizza ingredients to the pizza parlor,
 someone made the pizza, 
put it in the oven, 
placed in and closed the box, 
gave it to the delivery person, 
who touched the door handle and steering wheel, he had touched while delivering other pizzas,
went back to his car
then touched OUR BOX OF PIZZA.

 what about when we go for a walk on the streets and bring home what ever the person before had on their shoes, Big boy paws gets it and puts it on our sofa, we sit on it..

Are you picking up what I am putting down??? The Moral of this Story is Just Do what you can and need to do and don't listen to crazy people like me. Be sure YOU LAUGH at all of this and remember!
 Obey the authorities. Stay Home and Pray this thing is over soon.  IT IS WHAT IT IS! Find ways to enjoy life as it is in this moment.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

He of the golden hair

He of the Golden hair is being walked by Big Boy, to get details, you can find them on FourpawsEtc today.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Crazy Ponderings-10 Sheet Night

For the purpose of this post. it will help to know, I am now careful to fold TWO SHEETS only of precious solid gold Toilet Paper each time I pee.  Insert apology here, for the word Pee, but urinate sounds just as bad and I can't think of another way to say it. Yes! I use more IF NEEDED for the other word I will not say.

Every night the past week, I slept all night after a day of doing nothing. The night of the 7th day of Lock Down by Virus 19, I had a 10 sheet night because I drank a glass of water and a glass of milk with 5 pm meal...  I was exhausted.

The details are, 2 sheets at PM times of 9:09, 10:11, 11:20 and 12:40. with final 2 sheets at 3:15 at which time I gave up and went to the kitchen because I needed to write this down so I could share it with you. (YES there is a digital clock by the bed)

While standing at the counter, jotting stuff down, I heard the automated coffee pot turn on. It sounded odd, and when I turned to look at it, it was very ODD.

I had filled it with water, left the lid up, pushed the auto button, and left the filter-less and empty basket on the counter. Piping Hot Water was flowing into the pot, and making loud laughing burbles at the idiot who left it that way.

After I corrected the pot to what it should be, I turned to the counter to tear off 1/4 of a papertowel, since I am using that if my nose runs, because I have more paper towels than TP and only 1 small box of Kleenex.

While doing this, I thought, what did they do before Kleenex? Hankerchiefs is the answer. Then I thought, Bob has 3 hankies that are before I married him, which means they are 35 years old.

Then I started to Ponder, do they still sell Hankies? If I decide to buy them, will the hankie shelf be empty?  that made me think about when I was a child and it was my job was to iron all of Daddy's hankies, and mothers also.

 That made me wonder why don't they still put jelly in glasses because when I was ironing hankies, we only had jelly glasses to drink from..
If you remember ironing hankies, drinking from jelly glasses, you might be sharing your age.

If anyone can tell me how I got from TP to Hankies and Jelly Glasses. I am waiting to hear it!

Friday, March 27, 2020

Salt N Pepper-FFF

If you are not already singing with me, here it HERE

See the resemblance? Linda Chapman did, so you have her comment to thank for this post on FFF-Final Friday Fiction. Truth for Fiction?

Memories of Salt & Pepper

Maggie sat at her desk, with headsets on, waiting for the line to bounce to her next. She sighed as she waited for the next order on the Sears Telephone Catalog sales order line. When she started that job five years ago, she never intended to stay there. As she waited, she thought of the job posting on the wall outside the door..  Wanted: typesetter for Sign Shop in Display Dept...  She had stared at the sign wondering just what a typesetter was and if she could do it. Anything would be better than answer hundreds of calls a day.

The end of her four hour shift finally arrived and as she stepped out in the hall she made a right turn, opened the door and stepped in the sign shop... The woman at the sign machine, turned with a huge smile lighting up her African American face. Hi, I'm Niota, can I help you? Maggie answered, "I am interested in the job posting, can you tell me just what is a typesetter? After much laughter, the first of many laughter filled hours for the two of them, Niota answered "Let me show you"

Thus began 2 years of a close relationship. The display manager hired Maggie and Niota trained her. Learning to set type was not easy. Each letter had to be set backwards and it read from right to left, not left to right.
Giggles exploded each time Maggie proudly displayed a sign and was told the N was backwards.

A year passed quickly, and a new position was available in the display dept. Niota had left the sign making and worked dressing the mannequins and setting up displays. With way to much to be done by one person, she needed an assistant. Maggie applies and the two of them became best friends and were known all over the Sears store as, Salt & Pepper.

Salt & Pepper were required to do most of their work in the 4 hours before the store opened to the public. The two of the laughed and giggled and joked while dressing the mannequins.

The day of a big event came, and they were required to set up a stage outside the Sears entrance in front of the doorway. Salt & Pepper dragged the stages out, set up the microphones and podiums, and needed to test the microphones.  While tapping the mike, they looked at each other and suddenly they were singing together, Stop In the Name of Love, before you break my heart, with hands out and dancing. Bursting into loud laughter they stopped singing when the display manger came to the door.

The next morning the Manager said before you go out on the floor, I need to speak to both of you. I have had a couple of division managers tell me you are laughing and playing instead of working. I know you are doing your job because every thing I assign to you is done well and on time. Just PLEASE, keep your fun quiet. I know your doing your job, but they don't.

Both women continued to laugh and have a wonderful time, but they kept the lids on their Salt N Pepper.

Yes this is true, the names have been changed to protect the innocent. My second choice to change my name from Sandra to become Maggie.

Joining Yam in Final Friday Fiction

Thursday, March 26, 2020

A Charmin Tale of TP

I sat carefully  folding my toilet paper, (about half of what I used in the past) and I thought I really need to cut back on my coffee in the mornings and that will save on TP.

Maybe I need to ration what I have. There is none to be found in stores or online. Even Amazon is out.

Then it occurred to me, I have 3 months supply of Maxwell House, and I am not giving up my coffee, Coffee is my LIFE, I can't move until I have that first cup and the 3 that follow. I am a 4 cup Mama.

I looked to my left, and smiled and thought one of the great things about having a tiny bathroom, is if I stand up off my throne, and move one short step  to my right, I will be in the shower, which has a spray hose and VOILA, instant Bidet Spray.

 Bring on the Coffee.
Sorry if this was TMI... (to much information)

Two rolls of toilet paper walked into a bar...
one ran out......
SORRY!!!! I am on a ROLL.... 
Don't you wish they had not canceled my TOPS meeting today?

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Bloviator Report

Each morning, five days a week, hubby and I step down into this pool at the YMCA! We are first in the pool always, which gives this view because the lights are still coming up.

After Bob's surgery, he stayed home for two weeks, and I went alone. When he is with me, I am not allowed to stay and TALK... when he is done in the shower room, we leave. This puts us home at 6:30.
The first time I went alone, I walked in the door at 7.

He said Where were you, I was about to come looking for you. Really? was my answer. I was bloviating TALKING! and I would have talked longer, but new you were expecting me.

I bloviate with the front desk person, after bloviating with 12 of us waiting for her to open the doors

The sad news is, the pool has been closed, I created this the week before it closed.. Its waiting for us. I hope. I miss my TOPS and my YMCA fellow bloviators... but I still have YOU.. I hope

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Seriously Serene

Photo Excess! YES! my finger just clicks away without control. I still love my cups. Speaking of Beauty. 
I have always suffered from insecurity about the way I look, from birth to now. This week I went to have a dermatology Annual skin exam. The PA was new to me which makes me nervous. She was wonderful and found nothing to alarm us. She said you are fine, see you in a year unless you have an issue.
As she left, she said "you have beautiful skin and you certainly do not look your age. Plus you are funny, really funny. I enjoyed meeting you.
She made my day! 
for naysayers that are thinking it was a young thing talking down to an old thing, this PA was very close to my age... Old things don't lie, right?

Monday, March 23, 2020

Puzzling Things Are Happening

While chatting with my friend Madeline and her husband, on my home phone, I heard several loud crackles, and my kept phone breaking up, and I heard my cell phone in the other room screeching.

I also heard Bob yelling down the hall what is that???? another puzzle is why did he not look at it instead of screaming down the hall? Yes, he knew I was on the phone.

The puzzling answer was the above message requiring me to CONFIRM I got it. They have sinced closed the beaches in Florida..

. What puzzles me is below. There is not one roll of TP left on any shelf in any store here in our city....
That Said, why is there no Imminent extreme alert on my phone about this!

Which is worse? Crazy people on the beaches or  NO TP!

I found this on bing search while looking for TP puns. I skipped the puns. to see it all
Click HERE
I may not need TP any more after seeing this.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Trivia Time

Day 6 of incarceration's shelter in place, my son Dan, FB messaged me 4 photos, see two above. He said Look what I got Mom, it's a McCoy 19, its frozen up but I LOVE IT! Show Bob.
As directed, I showed Bob. 

Torpedo 29
Bob said, tell him I will send him photos of MINE. I have 3. The last 3 pics are Bob's motors. I sent the pics to Dan and said, Thank you for a couple of hours of freedom. Bob went out in the garage, dug them out, cranked them up and I could play on the computer Alone.....

McCoy 19
My son and Bob are just as excited over these motors as I was when I got my tablet. Of course the leave me COLD, but free time is free time and it did give me blog fodder..

 Just so you know, these are gas powered motors for toy radio controlled planes and they are antiques from the 1950's. Bob used his to fly controlled line races, that means they were on control lines, not free flight like they are now. I skipped the instructions on how to free up the motor, but it did involve propane torches, so who knows. I do love Fire.

  NOW you Know! What will you do with all this trivia?  MYRA show Tom! Ginny show Phil 😁

Half A074

Saturday, March 21, 2020

68 Camaro

My brother David, 4 years younger than I am, left for Vietnam at age 18, after joinng the US Army.
My parents had 2 cars, and My husband and I  only had 1. David let me keep his 1950 Chevy while he was gone. He bagged groceries and cut lawns to save up the $500.00 he paid for a car like this one, when he turned 16. Both car photos are borrowed from Google Images.

I had never driven a straight shift car, and his had 3 on the tree. I learned to use the clutch and was so happy and relieved when he returned in 1968 that it only hurt a little to return the car to him.

He immediately traded it for a 68 Camaro. Several years later, he had married and they had a sweet little baby girl. Alas for him, the back seat was not family sized and he sold the car to me for $500.00

I thought I had died and gone to heaven. This beauty had 3 on the floor, and a clutch. Each time I came to a stop, I went out of that stop ON THE GAS and popping that clutch.
My mother as a passenger never failed to say, do you HAVE to go out of every stop like that?
You can guess the answer.
I was only 25 with two small sons. My best friends husband, was my go to if I needed any mechanic type stuff. Once as I was backing out, I asked him if he could make the car get better gas mileage. I said it seems to use a lot more gas than my other car.
His answer was "Sandra, it's not the car, it's the way you take off from every stop" Back off the gas and you will save money.
Did I or did I NOT back off the gas.

Not My car or photo
                                      photo borrowed from Automotive Restorations

Friday, March 20, 2020

Buffet is OPEN on Nature Friday

Brown anole

We sat in the sun by the pool one day last week and I saw Bob's Pet that feeds at Bob's Lizard Buffet, run out of the ferns and grab something Big.. I ran over to see and she was eating a worm that was almost as big as she was. She was so tiny, it was hard to get a good photo..

Bob Buffet is created as he walks around in the pool, and skims what ever is floating on top of the water with a net, he bangs the net on the concrete to make it fall out.

At the first sound of the tap on the deck, the 3 lizards dart out and peer over the lip of the pool, waiting for The Buffet of Bugs...

 We get  much enjoyment watching them, watching him and waiting for the buffet dinner bell.

lunapic allows you to see the smile on her face and a little more detail

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Sheltered in Place

We are following the Shelter in Place, which means Stay Home if you are old, Don't go out unless you need food or have and emergency
I cleaned house, while Bob worked on his garage, Two hours later, we figured we had done enough to make up for exercise at the YMCA, which is closed until further notice. Also Not Tops meeting until further notice.
I will be sharing different things we do to pass the time while incarcerated sheltering in place.

since it was over 80 degrees in the backyard and there was no one to keep our distance from, we decided to Party in the POOL....  which was fun after my body became numb from the cold water..
I am laughing because I took my selfie with my Nikon camera, by taking blind shots with the camera backwards, aimed at me.

Have things changed for you? Are you staying home and following Guidelines? What are you doing while staying home?

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

I took these with an app on my Samsung Tablet. Happy Saint Patrick's Day.

Me at 2 years old, My dad's mom had the red hair, not me, but we both have green eyes
Kissing is OK, these are E-Kisses! send them on... MUAH! there is mine for you

Monday, March 16, 2020

clean house

No! I did not pose the cleaner in the sunshine, I sat it there to take in the bathroom, while I was putting away the weekly supplies. The sun came in and said HI, Take My Photo.
My Mad Brain said OK, now lets have some PHUN

Cleaning with husbands in the house is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos. 

You know what would make housework more fun? a MAID

Because I have scent allergies, this and Spic N Span, are about the only two cleaners I can use. I once cleaned the whole kitchen with Vinegar Water and it took my breathe away. I have tried everything.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Something from Nothing

Big was lying on the pool deck, I tried to take a selfie with him in the background. Big  OOPS! No Big Boy in the photo, but the chairs by the pool made me think peaceful thoughts.

 I visited PicMonkey and created Something from Nothing.

Original photo before edit

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Ryobi, in the house

Bob has bounced back from his surgery and the mysterious virus he had. We went to Home Depot to buy this Ryobi Weed Whacker that was on sale for $99.00... when we checked out the total was $148.00... String, Gloves, and Fuel with oil in it.. Yowsa! But it was worth it... it had been 4 months since he edged the grass at the street.

He also used the Ryobi to cut the wild pothos in the back yard and wore no shirt with his shorts, the string threw the pothos juice all over chest and arms and legs and he has a beautiful RED RASH that matches the Ryobi.

Not only is there a Ryobi in the house there is also a DUMB BUNNY! Sorry NO PHOTO of the Bunny.

I am just thankful he is now able to  fight against encroaching weeds and vines.

I searched for Weed Puns.... I found one for you.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Humpty Cupty sat in a sink

My beautiful cup, that I loved to pieces, now lies in the sink in lots of pieces.
I sipped hot chocolate until it was gone,
sat the cup in the sink because I was done.
Boiling water I poured into my favorite cup
then like a dummy, I picked it up.
I yelped in pain, dropped the cup in the sink,
and like an idiot, let cold water run on it, because I did not THINK!
It cracked down the middle,
I cried just a little.
UPDATE from comments below..I did not get burned. the handle was hot and I dropped it quickly.

There is no way to replace the cup, it was a gift from the former leader, and they don't sell them anymore. Each night for my special treat I have hot chocolate in the pretty glass cup. I found this one on AMAZON of course. The photos below are from Amazon..

I created this post before it came! I love it! Can you Tell? My Hot Cocoa Sippy cup is here, I drank graped drink, water and hot chocolate and sat it in the nook.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Her Madness again

Her Madness, took the tablet to the back yard...

Bob was in the pool. He said What Are YOU DOING???

Need he ask?????

Mental Case? or MADsnapper? Maybe both? The real reason for all this foolishness is I have Nothing to blog about

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Stop! Her Madness is at it again

A few weeks after we adopted Big Boy, my son and his wife came to meet Big. While he was hear he showed me how to stand the cell phone up, hold my hand up, close my fist, and I had 3 seconds to pose. I totally forgot about it until I wanted selfies of the new shirt.
I propped the Samsung Tablet on the kitchen counter and you know the rest of the story.

to be continued....

Monday, March 9, 2020

Owl be telling you

When you shop, what aisle do you wander down, every time you shop? What do you wish for?

I wander through the Computers, cell phones, tablets and other techie stuff... I wish for one of each of what I see..

Can you guess how I took these selfies? Owl be telling you tomorrow... It took a little more than the luck of the Irish. It all started when I showed you in a prior post, of my new t-shirt hanging on  a hanger. the MAD took over the Snapper in me.... coming soon to a post near you.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

The Contest

In a prior post, you saw a short video that included this silver box. Several wanted to know what was in it. The box is part of our TOPS (take off pounds sensibly) contest. Each week, if we lose weight, we write our name on a ticket and put it in this box. At the end of the contest period, a name is drawn and the prize is 10.00.  UPdate per Anni's question below... The contest last 6 weeks, the funds are from our account. each person pays 4.00 a month as a member. That covers our rent for the church and prizes and insurance.
I bought the box at Dollar Tree and a bag of stickers.
The stickers say
 Hello, Awesome, Never Give up, You're the best, You've Got This...