Saturday, November 30, 2019

Killer in the yard

Dead center of photo above is a Hawk. He is focused on one of my baby squirrels.

The squirrel was hiding in the Bird of Paradise, the foliage to thick for the wings of the Killer Hawk. I stood next to the plant, guarding the baby.

Mama Squirrel chittered, Mama MadSnapper chattered, He sat on the branch giving me the evil eye.
I won the stand off, this time. He soared off and the baby was safe.

Thanksgiving morning, as we walked Big Boy, Mister Hawk dropped out of the tree in the grass.
He was only about 10 or 12 feet from us. . He flew off with something, we could not tell what.

The loving couple hunt sun up to about 8 am...

We see them every time we walk Big Boy.

 I wish they ate raccoons.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Hello, my name is Sanford

Yes, I live with Fred's 1st Cousin, Bob! we have two of these lawn mowers and they do not work! Have not worked for years! I keep saying find a way to get rid of them! He keeps saying he will!
I know today is black Friday, and decide to show you what makes me have 
BLACK thoughts!
Just in case you wonder why the fenced yard is so tiny, when we bought the house 30 years ago, we had a dog named Max that hated the meter reader that is up over the AC... We fenced the small area to keep Max contained in the real back yard.  Now the tiny yard is a Sanford Junk Yard. They don't read the meter any more, it is all computerized and read from somewhere in the intranet. If we took the fence down, the whole yard would be Sanfords Yard. You do NOT want to see the garage!

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thanksgiving 2019

OOOPS! Happy Thanksgiving
What! You don't like my Thanksgiving Greeting I made for you in PicMonkey?  Wellllll

KIDDING!!! Love you All and 

Selfie in the sun, behind the wheel of my Kia. Yes I was sitting still. In my driveway, waiting on Bob

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

I am Engine-eous!

Some of you do not like Wal-Mart. I LOVE Wal-Mart! Santa greeted me this past Saturday, my cell came out and I had a engine-eous idea for a post!

Once Upon a time, Engine No. 1225, was asked why he loved monorails so much. His answer was, he was young and he couldn't get enough One Liners.
He said he tried to keep track of all the details at the Christmas party, but all the guest were wearing platforms and he got dis-tracked and lost track of the story.
As everyone else gulped their wine, he was chugging his. While chugging, he looked at all the food and thought this is so yummy, and suddenly he  remembered he is a chew-chew train.
Please, give him a brake! He is not very full of self-esteam.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Timing is everything

When a clock is hungry, it goes back four seconds! It is not easy eating a clock, it would be very time consuming!

We named our watchdog, Rolex! heh heh heh

Are you getting ticked off with these clock puns?
This is the proper time for you to ask a question,  not a second to late.  Click on comments and ask your question. If I don't answer, just give me a second, and I might. Relax, no need for alarm if I don't answer.....
My question for all of you is, Hour you doing?   😎😁😘
the timer that rules my life now that my memory is GONE

Monday, November 25, 2019


Gray skies on my walk, I snapped the hoop any way!  It gave me something to play with. Ugly isn't it?

Thanks to PicMonkey and MEEEE... it has a different look. JUST BECAUSE I CAN!

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Welcome to a nothing post

Thanks for stopping by!!!  I am pondering and wandering today!

Each Saturday I remove 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet and 7 pillow cases and place in washer.

After the washer, I place the aforesaid linens in the dryer and sometime much later in the day, I wander through the bedroom on the way to the potty and suddenly I notice the unmade  bed has no sheets on it, and I then I remember to remove them from the dryer.

Memory has nothing to do with this post. What memory is my mantra!

 The point of this post is: I may have gremlins living in the dryer. Every single time I take the fitted sheet from the dryer, ALL SEVEN pillow cases are rolled/tangled/snarled/caught up inside of that fitted sheet.

I am worn out trying to separate the cases from the fitted sheet, and then turn the FOUR corners to find the tag at least 87 times. The tag must go on the bottom left of the bed or the thing doesn't fit. There are only 4 corners, so why do I have to turn and turn and turn to find the tag?

Does anyone else get exhausted dealing with linens?  At least I don't have the old washer with rollers and two tubs to rinse in and all the sheets were FLAT, that I used when helping mother. PLUS I had to IRON the sheets and pillow cases. Talk about child abuse!

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Tree Rats

One Squirrel, Two photos. He lives in our front yard.. the photo above and below this sentence is the same squirrel. He was chomping away showing his tale, when he heard the snap of the camera, away he went.

Below this line is a squirrel on my walk, a few blocks from our house. Is this the same squirrel twice or two squirrels or did MadSnapper fool you...

I FOOLED YOU!  Two photos of one squirrel, he looks much bigger sitting down that sitting UP. Remember that when you pose for a selfie.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Muscovy Ducks -Nature Friday

18 Muscovy Ducks appeared in our front yard, I stood on the porch and watched as they pecked and pooped their way accoss the yard and on over the driveway.. After the photos I clapped my hands and scared them across the street. They leave huge piles of poop, and must poop every 3 minutes EACH.

We have to watch Big Boy, A.K.A. POOP sniffer, while we are walking because we will be moving along at a nice speed and he will STOP and try to lay his head down, to YOU KNOW get the best view/smell.
I did say to Bob once, the internet DOES say they are edible.... YUCK! not me!

Back before ME, Bob said he used a cast net to catch 2 dozen of these ducks, because a farmer wanted them. He came in his pickup truck with crates and Bob rid the neighborhood of them, with no harm done to the ducks. Guess what, there were MORE in just a few weeks.

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Brightest light

Last year I took photos of a coil of starry lights before I unwound them. A few days ago I used 2 old photos to try out new edits in New PicMonkey...

two photos out of the camera, below...

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Hackelia Virginiana

I stepped out the back door and there sat Bob's Work Clogs... covered in Hackelia Virginana better known to us southerners as Beggar Lice. Others may call the stick tight or stick seed, depending on which part of the country you are in.
I can tell you they DO stick tight and they are Beggar Lice that cling to feet, legs, skirts, shoes and dog paws and legs.....   YOU MIGHT guess this. The Man sat them where they live, and left them with the beggars begging.   that way they can be planted ALL OVER THE YARD. This gives ME something to do other than blogging. Every time Big Boy wanders around I end up brushing them off, and they grow where the wind blows what I brush off..... I will never be with a JOB...

Monday, November 18, 2019

Start to Finish

 I started by sitting camera on counter, trying for a photo of my zebra pants.

Left side of collage is out of camera, right is edit in PicMonkey.. Both pictures, the camera was set on the same setting, and 2 minutes apart, camera in same spot. Why are they different? NO Idea!

Here I am, Overexposed! heh heh heh

While creating the above I looked through Templates and played until I had a headache.. the result is below? I did X on facial expression and check on the view of pants and face.

What think YE? and how do I type a check mark? Do you think I might need to Get A Life?

Sunday, November 17, 2019

NOPE! it is NOT Thanksgiving

The above card came in the mail this past week, on the back it said they wanted to buy our home. We get 2 or 3 per day wanting to buy our home. People wanting to buy cheap and remodel and sell high. INVESTORS! ARRRRHHHH...   Just before I tossed it in the trash, I Snapped the shot above with my phone....   If you know me, you KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY...PLAY TIME!!!

JUST Because I COULD!!!!!
Lunapic was my software of choice on these.

What are turkeys thankful for?   VEGANS
What kind of music did the pilgrims like?   Plymouth ROCK
Thanksgiving Puns are Plucking Hilarious!!! Right?  

Saturday, November 16, 2019

STUFF you do not need to know

For any of you that read yesterday's post and planted a pine cone. IT WILL NOT GROW. 
I should have remembered before I planted and posted that all things found on FaceBook are NOT TRUE.. 
I know this, but I did it anyway. I researched AFTER the fact.
here is a link if you want to grow a pine tree 
We did not want a pine tree, we don't even like pine trees, this whole thing was started Because I could....I saw a tiny pine growing out of the top of a pine cone. it was Cute!

AMAZON Christmas Toy Catalog showed up in our mail box.  Amazon, Sears on Steroids! Again!
 What a waste of trees! It is a mystery to me, why Amazon needs a toy catalog in the MAIL....
Did you get one?

Friday, November 15, 2019

Nature Friday Grapefruit Tree

Our Grapefruit tree died during our 4 year drought, this is part of it. A man with a ladder and a saw knocked on our door and said "I can take down that dead tree for you". I said "no thanks, I think it is beautiful! He shook his head and said "You think its Beautiful? It's Dead!

I told him my husband planted a Ruby Red Grapefruit seed in a paper cup, in 1986 when we lived in Saint Petersburg. It grew to about 6 inches tall, he planted it a planter. It was 4 feet tall in 1989, still in the planter. We moved it here and my uncle laughed his head off and said It will NEVER have fruit.

We and our neighbors had thousands of grapefruit from that tree. Everyone knew they could pick what they wanted. Until 2017, it up and died.  We were heart broken.

Ann of SnapEditScrap posted on FB that we could grow a pine tree if we planed a pine cone. 
I did and now I wonder if we will live long enough to have pine needles fall in our yard from the tree I grew.
It's been 2 weeks, I see NO TREE

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Taking Time To Tell

clock on table in lobby of eye surgery last week, because I could

Time to tell you The Rest of The Raccoon Story....

I researched How to get rid of Raccoons! there is a ton of info out there. most of which we could not do. Like put a rag/sponge soaked in ammonia in a bowl and sit by the fence. Or do the same with cayenne pepper.
A. the fence is 100 by 100, so where to sit it
B. Big Boy might ruin his sweet nose

The research said  the fence with coyote pee... research shows $32.00 a gallon!!!!!  we used a little human Pee (cost zero) around the hole they use the most and since research also said they hate loud noise, I prepared to repel the little rascals.

Monday night at 6 pm, which is the witching hour for them to appear in the yard, Big jumped up and ran to the door and I followed and there he/she was, wandering past the pool ladder. I grabbed the Raccoon repeller, better known as my spoon and cake tin, and beat it like a drum all over the yard..

I think I heard What The …. are you doing? from the living room sofa, but we never saw another coon that night.... waiting to see if they were just spreading the love to other neighbors...

Monday, November 11, 2019

Raccoon MANIA! again!

See these cute and innocent looking Raccoons? The photos are from prior post, May of 2014 HERE.
Warning, the link is full of Raccoon Porn....

For the past 8 days, 3 to 5 raccoons have been making us crazy, with noise and sudden appearances in our yard. Big can't lay still. From 6 pm until bedtime he paces and stands at the back door. he KNOWS they are out there. 3 nights ago, at midnight I heard a racket, it sounds like horses were on the roof and loud chittering.... they skipped the next night, but last night at 2:35 AM, the screeching started, all you know what broke loose. Big and I jumped from bed and raced to the back door to turn on the flood lights, which usually makes them leave.

NOT this time... they were mating!   you have NEVER heard such a racket. see below what I found on line... circled in RED because I am Red Hot over these critters. in 2014 there were two and now there are FIVE plus one of these IS HUGE and looks pregnant... we tried to have a trapper trap and remove. that did not work out. Yes, we live in the city limits, but this is Florida.

To Here The Sound go to YouTube HERE   Yes, the sound will go away when the FULL moon starts to wane, but they will not... they will be here to torment Big Boy and ME... Bob can't hear them. Big can hear every sound they make, including claws clicking on pool deck and laping of water from the pool.... Hurry winter... they sleep most of the time.

Headerless? Less Headers?

This is a header from the PAST... When I first started, I created a new one almost every post. I must say I came up with a few clever ones. I made the decision to create one and leave it, but every now and then I would change it up. I have 8 posts under HEADER Label Here, and today I am adding a few that are not there. I have most of my headers in a post for Just in Case the computer crashes... since the newest comes up first on the label, it will require scrolling for anyone that has time to waste in the past where headers were my past time... I first posted the first one below, changed it to the 2nd one, then to the 3rd one and then back to number 2.

These are the only ones created in the past two years. Tell me about your headers. Do you change often, not at all, play with creating them...  DO HEADERS EVEN Matter any more?

Give me your Blah! Blah! Blah! on the subject of Headers... please.