Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Doctor Visit for Bob

Photos are Wall art from Pinnacle Urgent Care lobby.

Our Doctor office is in the same building, we had no appointment. We know he is there at 7 because we always take that appt. We walked in at 6:45, and I told her how sick Bob is. she took his drivers license to the Doctor.

She came back out and said he will see him in a few minutes. As she spoke, The door opened and the Doc said to me, bring him in, if he is here he is really sick. He knows Bob only goes when I force him to and never without a planned appointment.

He poked and prodded and found nothing. Symptoms are BAD headaches, weak, trembling when he walks, doesn't want food. Normal temp, no flu symptoms. really odd.

The pee stick showed blood in urine, so maybe UTI or some other bacterial infection. NO ONE KNOWS

The entire trip took One Hour and Ten Minutes, drive time and waiting for radiology to open at 7:30.
We entered the office at 6:45 and left at 7:45 … Early Birds do get the worms fast service

A lady waiting said are you going to make some of those?

I said no, they are for my blog. I think she was thinking what is a blog, but they called Bob's name for his X-ray.  Blood work at 7 am today, Wed. more as it happens

I added the quote

YES, I did PicMonkey with it

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Poster Mania -More PEEK less Speak

I borrowed the More PEEK less Speak title from Yamini. This is a poster I made for TOPS meeting.
Thanks Yam, I believed I could and I did... less speak I mean.

                             I am going to farm out the coloring part. NOT MY CUP OF TEA.

Crayola Art With Edge, Just Sayin Adult Coloring Book . 40 pages of quotes

Monday, July 29, 2019

Wat Hwat was I thinking?

It only take one short episode to start me investigoogling...

Yesterday, Bob stepped into the garage to help bring the groceries inside, as I stepped out behind him,

I said "Stay!"  he turned and said  "Hey, What?" and we burst into laughter. Yes, Big Boy did stay. He understood me perfectly.

Both of us use the word What as a statement or a question and we use it a LOT. We even say What? to Big Boy when he is trying to tell us something.

I simply typed the word What in the google search bar and wasted and entire half hour reading. The first page started with a song with What in the title, scrolling down I found
22 billion 830 million hits. NO kidding, that is what it said. I must not be the only What Investigoogler.

The most interesting of all was a list of What in other languages.   Also I found it is a pronoun, an adverb and a determiner.  Hwat? Wat? Hvad? if you don't know what a determiner is click HERE

hwat was I thinking??? but I did find wikitionary that I did not know exist. 
Have you seen my favorite commercial?     "What "Allstate Commerical HERE


Sunday, July 28, 2019

The Dumb Bunny at HOME

Continued from my Previous Post, The Storm, The meeting and the dumb bunnies.

As I left for my TOPS meeting, I said to Bob, take care of Big Boy, he will be terrified of the storm. I am glad you are home, I would not want to leave him alone during a storm.... HA!

When I returned home at 9:30, Bob the dumbest bunny of us all, had spent the entire STORM in the back yard REPAIRING the filter pump to the pool.

 I will refrain from repeating what I said, but it had a lot to do with danger of lightning, pneumonia and a terrified dog. inside. alone....YADA! YADA! #$%@^&% maybe.

The Rest of This Story... A year ago I ordered the $400.00 filter because the old one was dumping sand into the pool.
HE chose to use the old Container and put the sand filters inside it. To much work to install the Whole Filter. HE turned the pump on 2 days ago and POW! the filter shell exploded and cracked, a lot like the car hitting the church building.

I said just leave the pool pump OFF until all these storms are gone...

The cat left the rat at home and while she was away, He chose to remove the guts of the broken one, replace the container, install the guts back into it. The ENTIRE time I was trapped in the car in The Storm,

HE was out in it Working on the POOL....with a shaking crying dog home alone inside.... NUFF Said!
But wait, there is more.... There is NOW a LIMB on the top of our roof! HE said he is going up there to drag it off!   NOT WHILE I AM HOME I screamed. Now I am afraid to leave the house.

PS.... the flowers have nothing at all to do with this story, except they are in the back yard where he was working and I already had them sitting in drafts. Two Post with One stone, you know.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

The Storm, The meeting and the dumb bunnies

Photos  I took from local news broadcast on TV. 
We have had violent storms, every single day, sometimes 3 of them a day, for 2 weeks.
in one evening , right at bed time, we had 1000 strikes in one storm.
NEED I REMIND you Big Boy is terrified of storms. YIKES

a few days ago, A man standing out  side of a restaurant on Clearwater Beach, was struck and  died 3 days later, 7 others standing with him were injured and burned. 
Life guards cleared the beach, they chose to stand outside. Not Good Choice!

It is common here for  people, cows, horses and homes to be struck during storms.  We receive automated warning calls when one of these is headed for our location, much like the tornado warnings in other states.

THEY warn. If you can see it or hear the thunder it CAN hit you and it can go many miles.

Thursday at 7:55 I left home for my TOPS meeting and  raced the coming storm to get there before it hit. I  made it by 5 minutes, so did Mable.

We stood staring at the walk way closed with yellow tape and red signs that said Condemned building, do not enter. We could see tire tracks that ended in our door, with walls crumbled and the poles that had propped up the ceiling to the walkway.
Marge drove up, the three of us stood gaping at the damage and taking wild guesses as what happened to the building.  The Storm Struck, KABOOM! and a flashflood of rain.

we Leapt ๐Ÿ˜into Mable's Car.

We could not see out, the windows fogged from our breathing hard, the thunder rolled, the rain flooded.
Walking to the office was a NO, sense we were trapped in the car with raging bolts of lightning dropping from the sky... Marge read the phone number to the office, Mable dialed it and we got the fax machine. We decided the office was not open yet.

A half our later, we had called all the members and canceled the meeting and then decided to VERIFY the Phone Number. Aha! She had typed a 2 not a 3... The office answered.
We canceled for NO REASON! when they shored up the roof line, they moved our Cabinet into the main church building. There it sat, waiting for us to get brave enough to go inside.
IF I had gone inside instead of sitting in the car, we would have found we did not have to cancel the meeting.
The four of us decided to go find the cabinet. (did I mention during the storm, Sue arrived and was standing in the rain under her umbrella staring at the yellow tape, and had no idea we were all in Mable's car. remember the fogged windows?)  Marge cracked her door and screamed Sue, Sue leapt ๐Ÿ˜ in the car.
It was still raining when we decided to go inside and find the cabinet, as we walked around the building, .. I kept screaming saying OUR UMBRELLAS ARE LIGHTNING RODS... We Survived but the meeting did not..... meanwhile when I got home...…………… To be continued

Friday, July 26, 2019

Locust Husk on Nature Friday

No locust puns today, that would really bug me!!!!! 

This locust husk is on the wall to the house. .. I have seen these many times but never with the stripes showing on the husk.

This is the mushroom I stopped to snap with cell phone, not good photos, I had it set on 1 mp and forgot, but this thing is as big as a football. Sitting on a stump.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Ceratostigma - Plumbago

Almost Wordless Wed...
Two weeks of rain on our Ceratostigma, better known to us as Plumbago, has taken over about 20 to 30 feet of our fence. YAY! Photo Fodder is HERE again. I only have 87 million photos of our flowers.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Cleaning for the Cable Guy

The day before Cable Guy came, I cleaned 8 inches of dust off Lamp and Shade and Chair and about 20 inches off the wires behind the TV. 
What is up with WIRES, they are Horrible Dust Magnets.
OR I am a horrible housekeeper!

See the kitchen chairs in the corner? Bob was mopping the floor while I was ….brahaha. sitting in the OTHER rocker taking photos. FOR YOU.   NOTE! the only time the wires are cleaned is when the cable guy is coming... He was last here 2 years ago, or so he said. 

Monday, July 22, 2019

Cable Guy Short Post Test

Cable/Internet Problems!!!!
Cable Guy Came Next Day
Replaced Modem (said was on recall) and DVR (said was 7 years old, time to replace)
We lost ALL pre-recorded shows
AND all to be recorded in future.
He was here and hour and a half

CLICK HERE for the Rest Of The Story from Big Boy's Perception

This is a test post! I am trying to shorten my stories. The thing is this is JUST The Facts!
what fun is that?

(I MIGHT do a word only post and say what I would have said)

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Jungle is Back

. Our Jungle Back Yard is Back. We had no flowers, now we have many.... Gods Life Giving Rain...….Via two weeks of violent thunderstorm, we have another week coming. Poor Big Boy is not fond of the storms. Neither am I, but our drought is broken. Thank You Lord.

Trying to imagine Ansel Adams World, before we had color film and now Digital everything.

See the dark hole to the left of the bucket?  Click on FourPawsetc to see what is IN that hole.
2 weeks ago the fence behind all the green was just an ugly old fence.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Tinted moisturizer on Limited Income

Limited Income MAKE Do Make Up
Each night, my routine is wash face with Dove soap and water, cleanse with cotton pad soaked in Witch Hazel, go to bed and watch 20 minutes of QVC/HSN..
No, I don't use ponds before bed. I wake up with Big's black hair glued to my face. ha ha.

 Tinted moisturizer can cost from $46.00 to $59.00 on shopping channels.

I NEVER shop these channels. I watch to get IDEAS of how to do it CHEAPER.

Ponds Cold Cream used by my Grandmothers/Mother, is still on the market at $4.97

Rimmel Stay Matte cream foundation is $4.97.  

TOTAL COST for tinted moisturizer  is $9.94

Ponds lasted almost a year, Rimmel 6 months. I use 1 dot of Ponds on each cheek, spread over face, 1 dot of Rimmel on each cheek. And it stays from 5:15 until I take it off.
Covers all the age spots and some wrinkles. 
At least my face is all one shade, not six.

You do not want to see me without my tinted moisturizer. I never leave the house without it. I wanted to show you what I look with out it. I JUST CAN'T, but I don't look like this.  THIS is WITH my Make do Make Up!

I use witch hazel for itchy skin on legs and arms and clean my face with it twice a day.
Witch Hazel $3.97 and I bought that, then  I found it is $2.47 for Wal-Mart brand. Just pore the witch hazel from ugly bottle to pretty bottle and there you have my Tinted Moisture.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Toadstools on Nature Friday

cell pic no flash

Important News Flash! if you stupidily burn the roof of your mouth when you take a bite of PIZZA and find you are in PAIN!  Drink MILK... found the solution on internet and it works.

Embarrassing Moment. I woke up Saturday AM with a big blob of blood on the side of my nose just under the eye. Seems I scratched it with my fingernails WHILE I WAS SLEEPING and did not know it until I saw me brushing my teeth in the mirror and thought What is that?
I might need to put mittens on my hands at bedtime, like we used to do for babies to protect them from their fingernails.
I knew we regress back to acting like toddlers as we age, but THIS is ridiculous!

cell pic with flash

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

The Other Tervis

A monkey, a squirrel and a bird ae racing to the top of the tree. Who will get the banana first, the monkey, the squirrel or the bird?

NO ONE! there are NO Bananas in a coconut tree.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

I think I am Back!

During my week off from the internet, I bought a new suit! It was the only one in 3 stores that fit and contained all that needs containing.
Good News! when I got to the cashier, she said it is marked down to $18.74! Wow! I would have bought another one, but they only had one. So what if people in the pool need to wear sun goggles.

Saturday AM, searching in WM for roach and ant bait, I was standing next to a man that LOOKED just like Mr. Magoo, below is from internet for those to young to know who he is. LOTS more wrinkles though.

I am thinking 90 years old, thick German Accent... He asked a passing employee if this was all the rat bait and traps. The answer was yes.
I asked "What are you looking for?"
He said "Rat Poison" . 
Me: Oh NO! you don't want to use poison, the rats will die and get in your walls and stink for months"
He: " they can't get in my house it is tight"
Me: Even so, if you put it outside the rat will die painfully, the cats and dogs will eat it and they will die to"
He: I don't have any pets
Me: Well others do
He: I don't care about their pets
Me: The rat will die, the birds will eat it, the pets will die, the Vultures will eat it and die and it will go on and on and on, and all of them will die painfully.
He: I don't care, I want rat poison
ME: I don't think they have it here and I HOPE THEY Don't and if they do I will NOT help you find it and I turned an walked away.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Time off comment off

I am taking a few days off, will be back in a few days. I need to catch up on some things and also feel I am spending to much screen time. will tell you more when I come back. I am fine. having a few days off from devices.
COMMENTS off... 

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Wal-Mart Friendships

This is Colby, he is 8 years old and is a Soft Coat  Wheaton Terrier from Scotland. His owner chooses to let him look like a sweet bear. Show dogs are trimmed differently and look like Terriers.  I had no idea a dog like this one could look like this. I prefer the poodle/bear look myself.
phot from internet

The owner said they sheer them and use the wool to make soft shirts, just like they do a sheep...

I fell instantly in love with his eyes and his gentle and friendly disposition. I spent maybe 10 minutes talking to him and his owner and getting lots of loving.

Does your Walmart allow dogs in the store? I have seen several recently and am not sure I like the idea.
Do you pet stranger dogs? Do you talk to WM employees while shopping? Do you stop and chat for 20 minutes when you meet someone from the past?  I do ALL OF THE ABOVE.

As I walked away from Colby I heard some one shout Sandy, and I turned and said to the woman, you look vaguely familiar... After 60 seconds of embarrassment, it hit me who she was. I had not seen her for 11 years and that was about 10 seconds at a funeral.   The thing is, we are the same age, and after I got home I started to wonder if I have changed as much as she has since we last met. 

Friday, July 5, 2019

So! and nature Friday

SO, I was standing at the kitchen sink peeling boiled eggs to put in potato salad. As I pondered the mystery of why eggs peel perfectly if  I am  chopping them up for salad, but if I am taking them as deviled eggs to a party, the shell comes off in 87 pieces pulling half the egg with it.

I realized the peeled egg was turning red. WHAT?  I rinsed the egg, put it on the potatoes, and held pressure until it stopped bleeding.

As I chopped the perfect egg into the salad, I pondered why the skin on the end of my fingers is now so thin an egg shell can pierce it like a knife?  OLD AGE is the answer.
       Would you have used the egg or thrown it away or given it to your dog?
PS.. this led me to wonder how many times people in restaurants have bled on the eggs and rinsed and used anyway OR did they just throw them in?

Senior Questions... you can answer even if you are NOT a senior yet.

Is your skin thinning with age ? Is it easily pierced or torn?
 Do you run into door sills that have been in the same  place for 30 years?
Do you stub your toe while walking on a floor and there is nothing there?
If you lean to your right or left while walking do you almost fall over? 
Do you have any other signs of aging I forgot to mention?

Our avocado tree that Bob planted from a seed. We want it gone if anyone has an extra "2000.00

Thursday, July 4, 2019

4th Of July, 2019 Be Better

Our flag flies today, all over the USA. It is the  4th of July and they fly to remind us of our freedom. 

Our world now lives in the shadow of the bomb. Yet we celebrate our freedom with loud fake, sparkling bombs that cost many dollars, while children go hungry and  our citizens die in the streets.

 I wondered as I wandered up and down looking at the entire store decorated in  Red, White and Blue, If anyone shopping for these items, even thinks of what our freedom cost and if in just a few moments it could all be lost.

 How many are piling there baskets full of all these THINGS to party with and never vote or care about our country or other countries that have no freedom.

Let us remember....

"Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better." Albert Camus

As we celebrate, lets all remember to BE BETTER. Big things start with one person.

all photos today taken by MadSnapper at Wal-Mart

Are you wondering what this is?   It is Wonder Bread, using the flag to market bread. What Next?