Monday, March 18, 2019

Listicle and Beta PM

I found a new word, listicle.  It was in an article that I can't find to show you.

In journalism and blogging, a listicle is a short-form of writing that uses a list as its thematic structure, but is fleshed out with sufficient copy to be published as an article. ... The word is a portmanteau derived from list and article.

 I love learning new things in the computer.  In English Use a list with points, combine with an article.

I combined learning new features in Beta PicMonkey with my new listicle knowledge. PICMONKEY has gone high tech. Everything can be customized. To see examples of what I did you must Visit BigBoy on his blog... what better subject to practice on than our sweet Big Boy. Click Here

Listicle EXAMPLES are HERE  and HERE is a site that uses listicles

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Tis the day for the wearin o the green

Tis the day for GREEN, Irish you a happy Saint Patrick's Day...

Green and Lucky I am, 
Share your pot of gold, I can!
I am over the rainbow for you,
What is Irish and stays out all night?
Paddy O Furniture.
Are you Dublin over with laughter?

Saturday, March 16, 2019

THIS is ME, As I AM.

My test results
My apologies for this long post... I am putting this here as a letter to myself, to read when I feel so different.

Have you ever been reading a fictional story and read parts that gave you instant insight into something you had pondered in the past? I do that a lot.

This past week I found ME described in one paragraph.. I have always been 'different' and never could explain how or why. By different I mean, not the average female. More like a male than a female.

"Jo had never been good with kids and make believe games, even when she was a young girl.
Jo's parents, both scientists, often said her double dose of analytical genes had made her that way.
they used to joke about how she'd come out of the womb, with an intent frown on her face, as if she were formulating hypotheses about where she was and who all the people in the delivery room were."
         Quote from the book,  Where the forest meets the stars by Glendy Vanderah

When I read this quote, I began to THINK about ME.... the reason I see the world through different eyes. I am Analytic, Logical and rational to the nth degree... Like the woman in the book, I came out of the womb asking who are you and why are you here...

I asked the who, why, what, when, I see the If I do this, This will happen or not happen. I reason my way through every decision and thought. I am also a person who must be in control. Also am disposed to take action and analyze, analyze to see what action must be taken.

most of my fears are because they are Out Of My Control....

I can't stand to be told what to do, or not to do. because my logic tells me what it is I should do and that is what I am going to do....

I think with my personality and being born to a father much like me, the fact he raised me by trying to control me my whole life, it enhanced what I was born with.

The UPSHOT of this is I went investigoogling and found this SITE  I read and read and clicked and clicked, found there are Four Temperaments: Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Choleric, and Melancholic .
I took a test, and found I am Choleric by 60 percent and Melancholic 40 percent.

This has answered so many questions for me... I was either born this way or nurtured this way, but whichever it is, I am what I am.... I AM fits me like a glove. These snips are from and the links are here to their sight. I don't trust everything I read, but this is ME and now I know who I am .

I have often said I am more like a male than a female. This site said only 12 % of people have this personality type and the vast majority are male.  

Friday, March 15, 2019

Fake Fotos of Fake Flowers on Fake Nature Friday

I used PIP camera in my Tablet to take Fake Fotos of Fake Flowers. See even the word Fotos is fake.

Something to ponder.... I looked up Fake and it means not genuine, counterfeit.
These flowers are genuine. Genuine means authentic or real. 
These are real. Right? 
This is not a real ice cube, but it is a real photo.....

Which brings me to Fake Jokes... Welcome to Fake Nature Friday

What do you call a fake noodle?  an impasta
What does a nosy pepper do?  get jalapeno business
What do you call a fake stone in Ireland? a Shamrock

NOW have a fake cup of tea and get out in real nature and fake some nature loving

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Can you find me?

Tops Chapter minus 3 others... can you find me? back row, second from left... I am at TOPS this morning, see you all later.

Can you find my sons'  Cat In The Urn????

Wednesday, March 13, 2019


This came to our door yesterday and Bob said What is THAT?  As I demonstrated, I could see in his eyes he was thinking, you have had that tablet for 3 years and NOW you need a stand?
Get Ready! Get Set!  Go to Amazon and you can have this handy dandy Adjustable Tablet Stand. A tiny Prop for my Tablet. $7.99 only

It came in this adorable 7 and 3/4 inch box... Yes! I kept it. The Stand AND the Box.
 Easy instructions were included.. for the stand, not the box. heh heh heh

I play Words with friends, read emails, page through FB. My tablet lies flat on the breakfast bar. Or It DID! now it stands up and all I have to do is TAP IT!

I wish I had invented this tiny proper upper of tablets. 

Did you know Moses was the first person to download data from the clouds? 
Giggle with me NOW!
if you want a few more giggles click HERE..  These Passover Puns had me ROFL

Bye Now, I am going to be busy trying to come up with something to do with the little box.
P.S. I wanted to use just the photos today and have a true Wordless Wed post, and let the photos tell the story.. OH WELL! Welcome to Not Wordless Wed

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Fake Flowers

The flowers on my kitchen table were almost 20 years old. Were being the clue word. Saturday morning, while wandering Wal-Mart I found a display of flowers in the middle of the hardware section. WM is in remodeling mode and it is a true challenge to find the things on my list.

As a rule I don't care for fake flowers, and NEVER plastic ones.  My mother loved plastic flowers, and once in December, I looked out her kitchen window and the azaleas were in full bloom. She had wired plastic azaleas all over each bush...

Not bad for $3.00 and now I am set for another 20 years, which will put me at 94 years old. YOWSA

Monday, March 11, 2019

The Trip of a Lifetime??

The year was 1952, I was 8, my brother was 4, my grandfathers and his much hated new wife Hazel and their adopted daughter was 9 when Granddaddy asked and my mother decided it was a good idea to take a trip by car, with 3 adults and 3 children.

Said trip started in Savannah, Ga and took us all the way north to Niagara falls, with many stops on the way.  As you can see on the map above, today it is over 1200 miles. back then there were no interstates. Also we went by way of Rock City, on Lookout Mountain in Georgia. Really? 6 people, 2 weeks in a car like one of these?  forget the MILES, think TWO Weeks.

I hate riding in cars, don't like sleeping away from home, and also have FEARS of all things. Since Birth until now. MY MOTHER KNEW THIS...  here are my memories...….most of which involved me crying or screaming or getting paddled for crying or screaming.

Fat Man Squeeze, Rock City GA   Grand daddy was 6'5" and REALLY BIG... I just knew he would be stuck in the rocks and not be able to get out. FEAR of tight places. Screams!

In that same place, we went in the caverns, the guides were carrying blazing torches. Deep in the belly of the caves, he said do you want to see what BLACK dark is? SCREAMS and Crying when they put out the torches. They lit them quickly.

Washington DC.... spanking in front of Lincoln Memorial for sitting down and refusing to climb the steps... spanking at the Washington Memorial for crying and whining about wanting to go home.

NEW YORK City..... 20 floors up, hot summer, no AC, open windows, with no screens . LOUD Crying when Fear of Heights kicked in.

Niagara Falls...… NOOOOOO I screamed when they wanted me to ride on the gondola over the falls, Mother stayed behind with me and I screamed louder when Granddaddy rode over the falls.

The only two memories I have that are not related to my fears.... Martha and George Washington in the Smithsonian and giant planes hanging in the ceiling.
Mother learned her lesson well. When we moved a 12 hour drive away from Savannah to Pineville, KY, and they had to listen to me whine and cry for 12 hours driving there, she let me stay with friends each time they went back to visit family in Savannah over the next 5 years. The only time I went back to Savannah, was the year I was 15 and we moved back. Yes, I cried so much at leaving my friends Daddy threatened me with his belt if I cried another tear...

I have to say, one reason I hated riding is the dreaded motion sickness that keeps me off planes and boats, also keeps me out of the back seat of cars. If I laid flat on the seat and read books or comic books, I did not get sick.
I am 74, I still do not like road trips, do not like tight places, will go no where near heights. What were they thinking???? Everyone then and now, knows I don't do DARK.... Just reading this makes me want to CRY.... 😁😁

Fat Mans Squeeze at Rocky City HERE   rock city caverns, look out mountain. Rock City Gallery

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Good Morning, It's later than you think

If you live in USA, did you spring forward one hour  on your clock? 

Or Do you need spring forward NOW as you read this?

Are you lucky enough to be in AZ or Hawaii and don't have to change time? 

Our weather is whacked out. We used AC in FEBRUARY, and on this day of the photo, we turned the heat on. Notice the fog on the doors? it was 48 outside with wind chill feels like 40... IN MARCH....
                    NOT Florida weather.
Now we are back in the 80's each day.
This is my kitchen at 8:55 AM on Wed. 3/6/2019... I sat in my rocker and enjoyed the bright sun and thought OH NO, Sunday morning this will be 9:55 am....

each time the time changes I WHINE.

Do you mind if you lost an hour?
I drive Bob crazy each time it changes, we woke up at 4 today and the first thing out of my mouth was..
It is REALLY only 3 AM....Big is looking at us like why are you up so early?

Saturday, March 9, 2019

This Knot's for YOU..

 Today's photos are knot hot off the press. My mojo is knot working properly.

Blogging is knot rocket science, and you already know I am knot playing with a full deck here. Knot for all the tea in China would I stop blogging.... thus the archive dive.

Do you think these would qualify for  America's knot talent, or maybe the road knot taken. I leave you with

If knot now, When?

Beer Can Island, Longboat Key, sand not snow.


Friday, March 8, 2019

New Green on Nature Friday

We have had less than a quarter inch of rain in the past 2 weeks, and before that only 1/2 inch in the past 2 months. That small 1/4 inch of rain caused the Oak Tree in the front yard to burst into brilliant new green leaves. the darker at the top are the old leaves. Old leaves are pushed off by new leaves here, and the tree is never bare...

Birds are singing, Spring is Springing.
Sneezes are Sneezing
Skies are blue, this is all true.

March allergies came the first day of February this year. So did the need for Air Conditioning.
The little oak squiggly thingys are clogging the pool pump and pollen is so thick on the pool we can draw in it.
The cars left outside are covered in yellow.
Joining Rosy Sassy Pants for Nature Friday.
If you do not follow An English Girl Ramles and want a great big LAUGH OUT LOUD.. Check out her post HERE...

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Strawberriy Kabobs

It is strawberry season here in Florida and Wal-Mart has local strawberries as big as my palm. In a prior post I told you my food plan includes cooked apples. By accident I discovered Fruit Kabobs.

I had sliced strawberries, fresh pineapple and cooked apples, all in 3 small containers. to MAKE room in the fridge I dumpet the three together. OH MY WORD! take a fork or tooth pick, stab a strawberry slice, a pineapple chunk and a slice of apple.... YUM! Bob and I loved it so much, now I keep them together in the fridge on purpose.

Recipe for Cooked apples in PRIOR POST    

Below is a photo of my newest find. Stevia Sweet Drops, this one is caramel, but it comes in other flavors. I drop it in coffee, in hot chocolate, and also put it in my frozen oatmeal. If you try it, I can tell you a little goes a long way...  I AM AT TOPS meeting this morning. see you later in the day

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Tea Hee

Hey there, hot-teas. I love you all so very matcha, I wanted to say you are all cute-teas. I know it may be naught-tea to use all these puns with a home made graphic, but I did it anyway.

You are all quali-tea friends and it was time for a par-tea!!

I am guilt-tea of playing in Beta PicMonkey.

Sing it with me now....

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Question for you

If someone parked 4 of these in your front yard, what would you do? You can see what I did. I mean I was standing on my front porch with my camera. What Else Could I do?

I did not get a photo of the GIANT Bulldozer, it was HUGE... you will never guess what they did with it....

All morning these 3 guys had been filling up the holes you saw in a prior post. They carefull raked the dirt . I heard a LOUD noise and went running camera in hand, louder than any other. There came the bulldozer carrying a small thing to Tamp down dirt, or pot holes. It looked like a large Great Dane with a puppy hanging from its mouth. it rumbled down the road, the tamper thingy was swinging back and forth and I was shrieking BOB come see this thing...

Monday, March 4, 2019

Zig N Zag R In

I bought a blouse, I tried it on and thought, I really don't like sleeveless, but it fits and I like it. It was zig zag stripes in black and white. .... No the blouse I bought is not in the list. I found these HERE proof they are IN the Trend.

Sorry, my typing ran away with my thoughts are vice versa... I put the blouse on to wear to TOPS and thought.... this doesn't look as good as it did in the store. I took it off and Friday AM I tried it on and came and said to Bob. YAY or NAY on this blouse, I can take it back. He said uhhh it's uhhh ok. I said so take it back?  BIG NOD of the head.

I am finally to the purpose of this post. While standing in line to return it, a beautiful young woman, Maybe 50? yes that is young to me... stood behind me with a framed piece of art. I WAS DYING to know why she was buying ART in Bealls Outlet because the outfit she had on, Cost way more than my new tires on my truck. PLUS each SHOE was at least the price of 2 tires.

As I stood there trying to get up the courage to ask what she was buying, I thought I look like Walmart/Pennys, the woman at the front of the line was Sears, she and her friend and the other lady was definitely KMART.. jeans and a tshirt kmart. I know because I shop there.

I decide the lady with the art was probably Nordstroms, I really don't know because I don't shop anywhere that sells expensive things. FINALLY, she kept looking down at the art, and looking at her watch. 3 times.
I broke the silence by saying, are you trying to decide if that is worth waiting in line?

She said oh no,  I am trying to decide where to hang it. She turned it around and I said OH MY GOODNESS, I LOVE IT. how PRECIOUS!   it was a framed piece of material with a baby goats face peeking up out of the bottom of the frame, painted face.
OF COURSE the poor Norstom lady had to know I volunteered at a nursing home, held baby goats and that hey only weight 10 pounds, yada yada.... I am now wondering as I ramble on Just What she said to her husband when she got home about ME. YES, she was married, OF COURSE I looked at rings. my guess is 5000.00? but then what do I know? mine cost 12.00.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

PM and PS header

The first header was created in PicMonkey, it was OK but it needed something. I took it into Photoshop and embossed and beveled edges to make them stand out more. Can you see the sutle differences? first one is flat, the other has depth.. 

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Today we remember Dr, Seuss , who would have been 115 today.
 3/2/1904 - 9/24/1991

We are here today to say Happy Birthday Doc,
We want you to know your books still Rock.
Millions of kids have read your books,
They now love to read, and not just Your Books.
Big Boy is celebrating today, today.
 Click HERE and you are away,away
To see what Big Boy may have to say.

My X-Ray is a nay, so that is a big YAY!  no abnormalities, at least on the xray. we all know mind wise is another story

This is a blog hop, join the PHUN......

Friday, March 1, 2019

Trash Talk on Nature Friday

 I took these photos after a thunderstorm came through putting down 8 inches of rain while winds hit 55 MPH.... This kind of trash is picked up by our city/county.

I understand Natures Litter, but do not understand Human's littering.

The USA generates more trash than any other country in the world. We need to be aware of what we are doing.

America the Beautiful, Top of the list in Wasteful Living...
I found this chart in an article from Los Angeles Times if you don't want to read the article, take a peek at what we are doing to our environment by looking at the photos.

Awareness Alert! Recycle, Re-Use, Up-Cycle