Friday, January 18, 2019

Nature Friday - Calliandra haematocephala

 Calliandra haematocephala. HA! lets call it Powder Puff Tree. During December through April it is covered in blooms. Native to South America but is every where here in Florida.

A Sappy Story by MADsnapper
Once upon a time, there was a power puff tree, that was pining away for new bark. It could not get to the root of the problem, because it was always to trunk to think of the answer. It spruced itself up with red flowers and went to elementree school, but alas was not very popular. It shrubbed its shoulders, and said I got off on the wrong root, I will have to start again in Septimber...

the bush is larger than my SUV about 8 or 9 feet tall

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Throwback Thursday 2

THIS IS A REPOST FROM 2011... a few of you were interested in the house I posted this past Thursday in Throwback Thursday.This is a Post Archive Dive.

 The Village of the Arts is a  community of artists living and working together in Bradenton, Florida. The Village is Florida’s largest art community and over 30 businesses call the Village home.

 Galleries, studios, cafes, healing arts, jewelry, fashion and books can all be found as you wander the streets of this charming area of restored 1920's and 30's cottages. Located just south of downtown

The Village ArtWalks are the first weekend of every month:  Fri. 6 - 9:30pm & Sat. 11am - 4pm

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Saving Money Accidently


Saving money Accidently... thank you Myra. Myra of Respice, Respite, told me of a book she read and I might like it, since we share the same taste in authors. She said she got it in the Free Kindle unlimited books. I said it's not free, it is a monthly fee, She said really? ha ha I signed up for the free trial and here I am  6 months later, HOOKED on saving money. I READ A LOT. Use the library to fill my Kindle Paperwhite.

At our online library, we can place a hold on books, sometimes I wait 6 months to get the new Jack Reacher book which I am reading right now.

I don't read book reviews or make them. Below are the ones I read the first in the series and then finished all of them.

Matt Royal Mysteries by H. Terrell Griffin
Reed and Billie series by Dustin Stevens
Hawk Tate Series by Dustin Stevens
I read all the Leslie Wolfe series. 

60 Books in 6 months at $9.99 a month for unlimited reading, means about 1.57 per book. Wow I am HOOKED ON KINDLE UNLIMITED..... it depends on the number of books you read per months. the subscription includes magazines also.. also Audio books

After reading all these books, I worried about the authors and if they get paid. yes, they do. the are paid by the pages we read.  

Monday, January 14, 2019

TOPS Take Off Pounds Sensibly

Jan 26, 2017, I decided I had to change my life, or die an early death, possibly from diabetes since it is rampant in our family.
The photos today show the 2 year progression, very slow loss of 60 pounds, the first year 55, and another 10 the second year.
For some reason I am stuck doing the up/down with 3 to 4 pounds. I should be down another 10 by now, but am struggling with the last 10 pounds I need to lose.
It is best to lose no more than 1 pound a week or less.

 The above are photos of my face changing at about 10 pound down each time I took a photo. I have no idea whey the last 10 is so hard.

It is not about the looks of it but the health of it. I am not even trying to get to the weight THE chart says I should be, doctor said 10 pounds above the chart is fine for my age... I have printed these collages to keep in my bag that goes to TOPS meetings, for my inspiration and motivation and hopefully for others.

 This post is for ME, a reminder I can do it. And also away of accountability to myself that I can and will... One of the hardest things I have ever done...
 My sweet angel Jake appears to be laughing at me.. I miss that dog.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Shadow Shot Sunday

After my walk, I stepped in the back yard and YOWSA! LOOK at those Shadows... the ferns are 4 foot tall.

                      I am very frond of you my fronds! Please don't leaf me alone!

Look what else I found..... She is sitting on a Rake, sunbathing... ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Saturday, January 12, 2019

8 Ball Saturday

I asked the 8 ball what I should post on Saturday. Here You Go

I ordered 5 items from Amazon, glucosamine for canine, and also a bottle for humans, vitamins, you know, over the counter things. Email stated 3 packages on the way, one on Friday, two on Saturday.

Saturday at noon, email arrives from USPS stating:
Attempt to deliver package, no one home, left pink slip in mail box
We were home, no pink slip in mail box, but one package was in mailbox. JOY dog treats.
I check tracking number, find note stating Package left at Bradenton Post Office for Pickup Per Owner instructions.

WHAT? and by the way there are FOUR Bradenton Post offices.
I go to and try to pretend I have a pink slip, it will not let me redirect the package without the NUMBER from the PINK slip I don't Have.

I call USPS support, 5 frustrated minutes of poking numbers and it says over an hour wait for service. Gives me option to be called back in over an hour. I choose that option.

90 minutes later, phone rings and it states, we are returning your call, please hold and I hear hold music.. for about 2 minutes, Bob is saying, didn't They Call YOU?
Well, YES!
Finally, Teresa offers her services, I explain what I just told you.
She types in the 8 mile long tracking number and says, it say here left at Bradenton Post office, per owner request...…

I repeat for the 2nd time the story told above.
We Were Home. This is a repeat order of OTC vitamins and such and requires no signing.
let me share with you what we think happened.

the guy brought it, did not realize the order was split in two packages, placed one package in the mail box, got down the street and found the big box, part 2 of order and thought OH CRAP and because he did not want to come back, he made up this story.

She laughed until she was breathless and said they are not supposed to do that, but it COULD happen....through her laughter, she said is Monday delivery alright? or do you need it sooner. I said I might survive until Monday without vitamins... more laughter....

It came at noon on Monday and I patted myself on the back for not losing my temper over a box of vitamins. Laughter not temper got my delivery quickly. Plus laughter is good for the soul. I must say, it had been a new camera, or tablet, or DEVICE I might not have been so nice.

I do not own an 8 ball. photo from interent

Friday, January 11, 2019

Nature Friday

Air moss on our power lines

Abandoned cup on a stump in Emerson Preserve

Weed in our backyard

From above to below

Banyan tree beside a road

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Throwback Thursday

For many years I created headers and changed my header sometimes daily, sometimes weekly. Since I have nothing to say and am off to TOPS meeting today, I am showing a couple of Past Headers

 Just Because I can.  

The photo above, I took because my friend who lived in a nursing home asked me to prove her friend was not destroying the plants in the planters in their courtyard. She said her friend was unjustly accused of pulling out the plants.

I gladly snapped these guys eating flowers and leaves and digging up plants and dropping on the ground. GOTCHA! Guilty Squirrels!

Above one of the old painted homes in our local artist community... Can you tell and artist lives in this home? 

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Blah Blah QUEEN

From my archives
I am the Blah! Blah! Yada! Yada! Queen... I think it, I say it, and if by some chance I don't say it, it shows on my face for everyone to read. ALSO, I am the Queen of Post on subjects no one cares to know about.... here you go

I put Big Boy's eggs on to boil, he gets 1 a day. I thought, I have time for a quick P__-break, while it comes to a boil. 15 minutes later OH NO! I remember the eggs, they did not boil dry, and I don't think Big knew the difference. The question is, Did it ruin the nutrients of the egg?  YEP! we lost 50 percent of the nutrients. Eggs should not be boiled more than 5 minutes. WRITE THIS DOWN, you may need to know it when you get OLD.
When I was young I did not forget the eggs were boiling OR need to go P____ while boiling them.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The MAD Investigoogler

First let me tell you that I did not invent the word Investigoogling. Last week I read a book I could hardly stand to put down. The book written by Karin Slaughter, titled Pieces of Her, was in my opinion, one of Karins Best.  I found the new word investigoogling in this book.

That Said... you WILL be hearing it once in a while. I have been know to say if I were in school now, I would want to become a Cyber-Detective. I love investigoogling and use it in some way every day of my life.  From this day forward, at times I will be posting as The Mad Investigoogler, Private EYE

From time to time I will post STUFF I found while INVESITGOOGLING.. 👀 see it or hear it and I want to know details.
Today's Stuff is..... Why do THEY call what we use to investigoogle  Wi-Fi?

First I googled define Wi-Fi... Merriam-Webster says, having no wire, operating by transmitted electromagnetic waves
 FOUND by further investigoogling, the many things Wi-Fi stands for. HERE. Did you take the magnetic waves by the horns and investigoogle? if so Which one do you like best? do YOU investigoogle?

My favorite is Wireless Internet For Idiots... which is what I must be for using it to create this post.

Monday, January 7, 2019

The Great BIG Adventure

It has been a little over 90 days since we rescued and adopted Big Boy... Today I am asking you to Re-Direct HERE for todays Post of The Great BIG Adventure....

Sunday, January 6, 2019

What do you see?

I received an email from my friend Carole, in WI.. this is what it said, with the above photo.
I'm laying on the couch..A is on the love seat...I look over that way and seethis on the floor.  Had to look 3 times. What do you see????
scroll down

scroll down

scroll down

scroll down
What did you see????
It looks like a dog, maybe a charpei but is a blanket throw. Carole was on the sofa and looked over and thought she had a new dog. Did you find it?

Saturday, January 5, 2019

I can testify

I can testify to this fact!

 If you leave your charger plugged into the wall, and the other end plugged in like this IT WILL NOT CHARGE.... I went to bed with it charging, it was 43 percent, I got up and it was still 43 percent.  Please Be Advised, do not plug your cell in the charger in the dark...
ALSO the very next night, I forgot and left my kindle paperwhite reader plugged in all night. I got up and said to Bob, I told you to remind me my kindle was charging, blah blah blah I hope it did not ruin the battery, you know it is more than 2 years old, yada yada blah blah…

today I picked up the kindle and it was not charged, still exactly what it was when I plugged it in. It Seems I plugged the end like the one above into the kindle, but the plug I pushed into the wall was the other charger. That Did Not Work Either....

Friday, January 4, 2019

Nature Friday Pine

where is da Big Boy?

On Thanksgiving Day, I searched our yard for a fallen pine limb. I wanted to create my own original Charlie Brown Christmas tree. None had fallen, and the lowest limb to cut was to high to reach and the MAN refused to drag out his pole saw and cut me one because he said I did not need it. The tree is about 4 stories tall.

Last week, I found the perfect limb. Laying on the ground. Pining for me to pick it up.

 I stuck it in one of my crystal vases Avocado Oil Bottles that I can't make myself recycle, and sat it on the table.

Bob said WHAT are you DOING? just like that is how he said it. Trust me...

My reply was "taking photos of a pine limb that fell off the tree that would have been perfect for a Charlie Brown tree and its to late because I already bought one because you would not cut one off the tree with your pole saw on Thanksgiving day when I asked you to."

When I checked to see why there was no answer, he was asleep... 😁

I think you can tell I was Pining for all of You, or maybe Just Pining for your attention!!!

. IF I TAKE THE PHOTO.... YOU ALL will SEE it whether it is worth seeing or not. MAY THE FOREST BE WITH YOU.....heh heh heh

After 10 minutes of playing with it, it went out the curb for trash pick up. It smelled really good but was a tad sticky.
(I love my bought Charlie Brown tree so all is well) I took it down on New Years Day, the REAL Charlie Brown Tree and it took 10 seconds...
If I hunted for downed pine limbs on Thanksgiving Day and Took down Christmas decorations on New Years Day, what do you think I will do on the Next Holiday?? What is the next holiday? hum
I do hope this will pass for a nature post, because it is in my human nature to TALK TO MUCH

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Trouble R on The Way

Big Boy sat up and peered out the window, I went to see what he was looking at. As I shot these through the window glass, I told Big, get ready Big, we got trouble on the way... for a LONG TIME.

It took EIGHT people to dig TWO holes, actually it took 2 people, the others were WATCHING.

2 weeks ago, a letter was hung on our door knob warning that for the next 370 days, they would be replacing the water mains in our sub division, starting on our street. As you can see, it looks like we will be first in line to have the street dug up and who knows what else. We are in Waiting Mode. sigh

My question is, if it took Eight to dig Two holes, HOW MANY will it take to dig the whole street up? Can you hear the Back Hoes? I can...  The Good News is.. Big Boy doesn't bark.. YET

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

MadSnapper and MadStache

Bob said Come in here, I want you to see this... he was watching Bitchin Rides... I said you know I don't like these shows.. Wait, he says and I did.  He said they are going to take this Cartoon and make a Cartoon Car...

I ended up watching the whole show, and just had to show it to you. Isn't this the cutest car ever?

I said, who is the man with the Mustache( I forgot to take his photo)? He said he is MadStache, that all I know. After a frenzied dive into my investigoolge self, I found zillions of things about him, he owns and through that owns a whole lot of shows that hubby watches, Including this show. PLUS they do much much more...
From the website this is MadStache and I wonder where he got THAT NAME... his real name is Dennis Gage and he is the host of My Classic Car, I have seen him so many times while walking between Bob and the TV set, that I could pick him out of a line up... if you have a burning desire to know more about these shows, become a investigoogler and ENJOY.... I want this car...
ALSO, NOW YOU KNOW what we did for New Years Holiday. WHOOP WHOOP

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy Happy 2019

Some of you mentioned my New Years Header, I created it back in 2012 and then with the magic of PicMonkey turned it into the one today by removing the date. I used a photo of my watch, a photo of the candles in the nook and I have no idea what i did to make the sparkles. Who can remember that far back? I was lucky to remember it is the New Year of 2019.....

The rest of these are from prior years.  Just to Say Happy New Year from MadSnapper