Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Handy Photo Bomber

Our Pothos in the kitchen corner is 5 feet long now and getting bigger and bigger. I have to trim it about once a month. I placed two pieces in my glass container full of water and they have grown 4 inches in a few weeks.. Just Because I could.

Just as I snapped the photo Bob reached out to turn on the faucet and photo bombed my pic. Of course the TV photo bomb is always there.

Monday, May 20, 2019


You butter believe this will never happen again... their is a rumor I want to spread, It may sound nutty but I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER!

For the first time in my life I ran out of PEANUT BUTTER. This jar had barely enough for a half English muffin. NO PROBLEM I always have an extra one. NOOO! the spot it lives in was empty.

These two foods are NECESSARY.. I have both every single day of my life.
I put a spoon of PB in my oatmeal, eat it on bagel, English muffin, toast, saltines. I have it daily either for breakfast or supper. (dinner to some)
As a child if mother cooked birds that daddy killed while hunting, while crying I had a peanut butters sandwich. If she forgot to remove my portion from ANYTHING she put onions in, I had peanut butter. My kids were raised on PBJ. 
my hurricane supplies include 3 jars of Jif and 3 of Smuckers and many boxes of no salt on top Saltines...Bottled water and a few jars of jelly and we are ready.

 I could not blame Bob, he eats JIF only... How did I let my hurricane supplies be depleted, I had 2 of Jif. I don't eat Jif, it has sugar in it. 

How did this happen? The answer is Wal-Mart has been remodeling for 3 months, I could find NOTHING.. prior to that, as I walked the aisles in order, I would SEE the peanut butter and grab one. out of sight out of mind. 
Don't Panic! I now have one open and 2 back ups. The good news was, when I went to get it, it was ON SALE... 
Do you have food or drink that are necessary each day?

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Sunrise Walk

Summer heat is killing me and it is only MAY..... I started doing my walking at 6:30 am, as soon as we get home from the YMCA.
This is what I see while walking. the sun is beautiful as long as it is below the horizon...THEY said this morning that we are going to have a heat wave starting tomorrow. So what have we been having? For now, it sure is worth the walk to see this...
                                                        I'm walking on in sunshine...this could be my SOL-mate!
today is Sunday, a day named after the SUN, right?  Light up Your World with smiles.

Saturday, May 18, 2019


Those of you who follow me, know I gave up Sugar in January of 2017. What does that have to do with my new Tea Kettle? The cup you see above, was given to me as a prize for weight loss. 

The Why factor came when I discovered Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate with no added sugar. That was about 4 months ago. I drink it in the glass cup as my last food of each day. It satisfies the sugar and chocolate desires and does no harm.
I have been heating water in a small pan and pouring it in. 
I decided it was dangerous using the pan, for me the Senior and our Senior Dog. 
I give you my new whistling hot chocolate kettle. 

Why so many photos? because I pipped my  kettle with my Samsung tablet, Just Because I could...

Friday, May 17, 2019

Freddy's BACK with friends

Freddy is back in the bathing suit condo. He might be Freddy or Freddy II.. who knows? He is sharing the bathing suit condo with a 5 inch long Big Black Lizard.. who might be Leonard the 12th and I talk to both of them. Today, Saturday May 11, 2019 I was taking photos of the female on the blue towel and asking where is  Leonard II? Leonard II is HUGE and black, about 5 to 6 inches . Leonard and Freddy have been sharing the bathing suit for about 10 days.

I talked to Lizzie the II or III and Freddy II, assured them I meant no harm, asked Freddy II if he and his pals could keep the Croaks down to a low roar and I went inside. At noon, I went to see who was HOME and screamed to Bob...

A Curly Tail Anole, I have never seen one, BOB says WHAT? I say Holly posted one on FB and said she had never seen one. She lives directly across the state of FL from us and is a friend I worked with for years. She and her husband are wildlife photographers. Now we have one... (a curly tail, not a wildlife photographer.)

I ran in the house and grabbed the camera and fussed about the sun in the wrong direction. Then I got these using the flash and scared Curly to death and he dove inside the condo. NO MORE PICS.

Came in to investigoogle and OH NO.... Curly Tails are PREDATORS and EAT brown anoles. I will spare you the photo I found on line.
Now I wonder if Leonard Jr is dead and gone and been cannibalized... More Soon

Prior Post of FREDDY

hope you can see the curly tail... Curly the predator. YIKES  HA HA ONLY in Florida and ON MadSnapper.... Rosy, does this fit in your Nature Friday????

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Salt and Pepper!

The best defense against pepper spray is A salt rifle.

Sorry, its been a while since I went punning for you...

While out at breakfast with my TOPS friends, Rosemary grabbed the salt and pepper shakers and said Watch This.
She demonstrated the perfect way to pepper your eggs. Hold them bottom to bottom and gently turn the salt shaker round and round touching the bottom of the upside down pepper shaker.
It's just like the fancy pepper mills. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

SanVanna and the New Stove

I try to keep up my 'modeling' skills just in case Vanna White retires. How come she never looks silly....  and why do I always look up? the camera is sitting on the counter.
                              Please Ignore Water Wings When Commenting..

Oh Crepe! I forgot to open the door to the oven so I could use the pun... Open Range! heh heh heh

The good thing about these jeggins is IF I EVER went out on a boat and it was sinking, I could take them off and wave for help. How Could they Miss them? Or the site of me without them?

Sunshine pointing out the tropical jeggins with no help from me the poor photographer. Jeggin Selfies are IN. ha ha

Monday, May 13, 2019

That's Not All She Wrote

While digging through a JUNK drawer, I found the pen you see above. The SL stands for Staff Leasing, which is the company I retired from in 2006. About this pen. IT STILL WRITES and write perfectly. The box I found on internet. The Cross Pen and Mechanical Pencil set was an award for a job well done in 1994. I gave the pencil to a friend who would use it and kept the pen. I have never replaced the cartridge and can't believe it still writes.  This was before INTERNET and we USED a pen to write with at work.
I ran a search for Pen Puns and laughed myself silly. Jump on over to Jive Jokes and laugh like I did. below are two that I found there.

That's All She Wrote.... heh heh heh...…….. see you tomorrow..... I hope. 

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Mothers Day Memories

My Mother, Mary Lucille Overby McCall- 1925-1990

I snitched these questions from Myra's Post HERE.. thank you Myra.

Where did your mom grow up? My mother grew up in Palmetto, Florida. 2 miles from the home I have lived in the past 30 years. She was born in the hospital  2 miles from my home and played in the water above that is at our beach. She dug clams and caught crabs and fished with my grandfather in the same waters  I wade in.

Tell us about her siblings, if she has/had any.  Mother had one sister, Patricia. this makes her my favorite aunt on Mothers side of the family. I loved her like a sister, she was 9 years older than me, and when she was in her teens, she took me with her and her friends to the movies. I felt so grown up. I was in her wedding as flower girl and was instantly in love with her Navy Uniform Clad new hubby. While standing in the receiving line, I peaked around her and looked up at her new hubby and  asked her if I could marry him to, when I grew up. She saved my life many times when I did stupid things. NEVER TO BE TOLD HERE.

What is ONE of your favorite memories, you can share with us of your mom. The most fun we ever had at her expense, was the year she and my brothers wife both purchased not ONE but THREE identical presents for each other.   They were so shocked as they opened gifts under the tree and each time it was the same gift.  it seems, they went shopping together and each while trying to decide waht to buy for the other, would ask "do you like this" oh yes! they both went back later to buy the infamous 3 identical gifts.   the Joke was... neither of them really wanted any of the 3 items.

A glass cake dish, a brass plant stand and now I can't remember the 3rd item.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

GE what a surprise

I bought myself a surprise! My old range was 30 years old, still worked but the burners coils were not right. One did the outside only, the other did the inside only and one did nothing. Since I despise cooking and use the oven about 3 times a year I went bottom line. $700.00 was the price but on Scratch N Dent for 397.00.... woo hoo. all I needed was a 2 burner hot plate and almost put a sheet of plywood on top of the old stove and put a hot plate on top... Since I use the kitchen to take selfies of my self I would have been embarrassed for you to see that. I am Kind of Embarrassed to admit to scratch n dent shopping. but here I AM tell ALL.

I got the controls on the front and not the top because when Bob Cooks His Breakfast he gets Grease on everything. Think Bacon Fat on the controls. One thing I did not notice, is it has NO CLOCK. there are 3 others in the kitchen but I can't remember to LOOK at them. I keep staring at the top right corner of the BIG WHITE TOP that JUMPS out at me every time I walk in the kitchen.  The other one had a black glass door and black glass on the top... All White Glare! YAY

UPDATE after a ton of comments about gas cooking. this stove is Electric, which is all I have ever used except for a 3 months of horror burning everything I cooked on gas back in 1970.
the things that look like pilot lights are sensors to shut it down if I forget to leave it to long and it gets to hot.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Bottom of The Barrel Nature

Literally this is the Bottom Of The Barrel, the Rain barrels is empty... We need rain....

Double Barrel, because I could

Mama climbed out of her bucket and sat on the edge of the empty barrel for about an hour. While I was snapping this photo Sunday morning. she fell to the ground and died. No idea why. Lack of rainwater we think.
RIP sweet Mama... I will miss you... 

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

All About The Focus

Sitting by the pool, enjoying the green in our neighbors yard, I zoomed and focused first on the new green pine needles, then on the 20 foot tall Bird of Paradise. It's all about the focus.

A Triple PUN
There is a ranch in Texas named "Focus."
The rancher on this farm has three sons, who feed the cattle and mend the fences and make sure that the cattle make it to market.
When asked why he named his ranch Focus, the rancher replied,
"because that's where the sun's rays meet"  It's also where the "sons raise meat."

Monday, May 6, 2019

Murder in the Kitchen

Watermelon is IN in the state of Florida.  I walked in the door and said to Bob, You will have to get the watermelon out of the front seat, it weighs at least 20 lbs. When he brought it in he went straight to the scale and it was exactly 20 pounds. When I stabbed the knife in it, it was so ripe it made a loud POP and split right down the middle.

Starting now and the rest of the summer months, watermelons are all local grown and sweet, sweet, sweet on the taste buds. I cut it up and store in containers and we use it a few pieces at a time to hydrate. We eat one chunk before we walk and one or two when we come back. Big Boy Loves it so he does the same.

I am showing the label because I wanted you to see the number on it. I LOVE WALMART new scan your own purchases. they have a cute little thingy that I can use to scan the label without picking up the melon. I had to get help to get it out of the bottom of the box and into the basket but had to move from basket to front seat to bring it home.
PicMonkey has gone high-tech and I am still trying to conquer it. they removed the easy one click collage and added templates. I just did this to learn on. you can see I need more practice


Sunday, May 5, 2019

Staghorn is UP again

The Staghorn is UP again! It fell in 2013, 2014 and the last time was January 25th, 2015.

  This time it was On The Ground for 4 years. .... The Man Hung it when I was not looking.

After 4 years on the ground it is hanging high and Bob is still alive and unbroken. if you want to scroll through the pictures I have taken since 2009 click HERE..... in past years the hanging of it included holding ladders, me screaming, hissy fits by ME etc etc.

When I asked how he did it alone, the answer was I used the come along.....My question is. If he could hang it up, why did he wait 4 years. His answer was  I thought chain it hangs on was broken, it was not. Makes no sense to me.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Who Knew?

Who knew 30 years ago when we bought our home, it would come to the day I would need a college education to buy new lightbulbs. Both bathrooms, last remodeled in 1989, came with these light bars. At the time we had EIGHT round bulbs, white. I could run in any store, grab a box of FOUR and come home and stand on tiptoes to replace. them.
Along came CLEAR light bulbs, Easy Peasy, 4 in a package. I made the choice to choose because I COULD SEE my wrinkles in the mirror better. Also I could see my eyelashes to put on Mascara. Who knew I would become allergic to mascara, but that is another story. I still need to SEE my face to cover the wrinkles.
This week after wandering through the newly remodeled Walmart, I found the lightbulbs. First they came in a package of 3, not 4 but since only 2 were burned out, I grabbed the pack of 3 CLEAR bulbs.

It seems I have shrunk because tiptoes were almost not enough to reach the bulb. I replaced the two dark ones and was immediately Blinded with the kind of light that you see when you are standing pumping gas into you auto gas tank. See those YELLOW elements? they are LED... ON MY WORD!
I had two BRILLIANT LED and two Golden Glow (see above light bar that has one gold) 
Without thinking I grabbed the 3rd bulb while saying ugly things about needing ONE MORE. I grabbed the HOT bulb, shrieked, turned off the lights, counted to 100 and replaced the 3rd one.
You see above what I am dealing with. I don't like the light from the LED but they don't make the others any more.  Now I will have to HOPE I cover the wrinkles properly since I look like Morticia in the Adams Family in this new light.
Everytime I turn on the lights and see ONE GOLDEN BULB I go CRAZY.
Bob said do NOT drive to Walmart for one bulb, just wait until you go on Saturday.
PS.. I wanted the  1989 candle bulbs that go in the 3 ceiling fans but neglected to look to see if they are skinny butt or fat butt bulbs. The bulbs have been in the fans for 20 years because I hate them and rarely turn them on.
If I were not married to Bob the we don't need new things until it will not work at all person, the fans and light bars would be gone, If I die first he can deal with it...If Not you know what I will be doing.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Empty Nest

The baby birds disappeared, one at a time. The nest is Empty, but the Mama and Papa and two of their friends are around. We are 99 percent sure, our resident black snake is he culprit. Sometimes nature's food chain hurts our hearts. We learned a lot about our Big Black Dog. He was an angel and did no harm to adults or babies.
I am trying for a pic of the female... She would sit and let me talk to her, if I was outside by myself. I could see her through the branches listening to me assure her we meant no harm.
I marveled at how the female when sitting on the nest, blended as though she were not there. The bright hues of the male are meant to distract from his family. I had never thought of that before when wondering why the male birds are more beautiful.

I talk to lizards and birds and frogs. Do you?

Papa C continues to brighten our landscape

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Where is the lizard?

Can you find the lizard? answer below the easy to see Lizard..

If only there were a MARKET for Brown Anoles, we could be Rich...
Leonard the fence living Lizard, loves his Mango Tree that lives in a bucket.
the hiding lizard is on Pans Head... some of you will remember Pans head has been reattached several times due to running dogs knocking him over the past 35 years.