Friday, December 13, 2019

Fake Nature Friday

can you find the pen, spiral notebook and tote that should have been moved before taking the photo?
 Fake red berries, Fake Trees, for Fake Nature Friday...

Fake Tree and Me, but Not a Fake Charlie Brown Tree

I use my zoom on my camera when I want to see something to far away for the naked eye. I hid on my porch and zoomed in to see those GIANT lightbulbs on the ground. I may have looked at a license plate to see where a strange car was from also....Just so you know, it was Texas. 😎😁

Digital Spying?

Real grass, reall trees, real shadows for Nature Friday

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Merry and Bright

The Nook is Merry and Bright and Full of Light!

I took these photos at the same time, same camera.

Please tell me what I did that causes the candles to look like different colors. What color do you think the candles are?
scroll down below last photo for answer.

The candles are white, non scented. I am allergic to scents. the only difference is the angle I shot from, gold step to left, pink step to right... 

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Dog Proof Tree

New plaid fleece throw. Wal-Mart $5.00... not for Big, this one is mine.

My tiny 15 year old tree is dog proof decorated with unbreakable decorations bought at the Dollar Tree. All the ornaments cost a total of $3.00. It sits by the window.

It was necessary when we had 3 dogs, Big Dogs....
So Far Big has not knocked it over and has not even noticed it.

 The lamp that sits there has been downed several times by Big Boy. Anything in front of a window is fair game.
Climbing Santa is a candle climber I have had for 35 years.
Now he climbs the Charlie Brown tree.

Monday, December 9, 2019

Saint Nicholas came the day after Thanksgiving

My Saint Nicholas is one of my favorite Christmas treasures. He is 25 years old, and was a gift from my sons wife. These are not the first or the last photos I have taken of him over the years.

To me the sun enhances his beauty.  He is 2 feet tall and made from paper Mache. He is in his place of honor on the kitchen counter.

I sat him next to sleeping Big Boy. for more of Big Boy go to his blog Fourpawsetc HERE

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Kmart is closing

I stepped in K-Mart this week and was shocked to see Clearance signs on everything in the store. Store closing signs shocked me. Somehow I missed it in the news that our last store is closing. I quickly bought $60.00 worth of merchandise for only $30.00.... all things I needed, not wants.

When I moved here in 1984, our town had 4 K-Marts. The last one left is closing in Feb. The employee told me there will be only 80 K-Marts left open in the USA and 80 Sears.

Sears is from my youth, K-Mart from my childrens youth. Amazon and Wal-Mart are the big guys in town for now... I wonder what will be next that will close these giants down...

Maybe the future generation will jump on a space ship and shop at Moon Mart or Mars-Mart.

Saturday, December 7, 2019

A Gift For You

Lie down in bed, and listen carefully.. Can you hear what I heard?  Bob is in the bathroom, NOT taking a bath, I might say. I am in bed for the night!  The words above are flowing out and into the bedroom. (Bob knows the words to 87 million songs. I said, THAT is where I got the ear wurm! Why are you singing that? He said I DON"T KNOW!

We had both been humming the tune and whistling it for a few days, moving it back and forth to each other. He sang me the whole song.

I woke up the next Moring with the HORNS that are in the song right where you see the note below.
Look above and the dada da da is the horns going up and down.

We sing together, and I do the HORNS  and I say all I can see is Julia Roberts riding on her horse and Mel Gibson riding in the car, the horns are playing the da da da dada when she finds the pin he left on her saddle. (Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman and Conspiracy Theory, these are two of our most watched movies)

That is the closing scene to one of our all time favorite movies. Conspiracy Theory! The movie opens with Valli and the 4 seasons singing the song and ends with it also... it has been 2 weeks and we are both breaking out in song.,  

There is an ad running on TV that sings it! I can't find it for you, but here is the song to give you my gift to you. A Christmas Gift Wurm for your head.  Click here to find those horns and good luck!

and the whole song to sing if you like.

Conspiracy Theory Soundtrack, Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons....HERE

Friday, December 6, 2019

Dec 2, Walkamile Nature Friday

The day was overcast, I left home at 10 AM for my walkamile. Suddenly the sun shone through a hole in the clouds and highlighted these trees painting the beige home  in Nature Gold, 2 snaps of my cell phone and the sun was gone again. Sweater weather for us, it was 58 degrees up from a low of 53. Winter in Florida is what I would dial in for my year round weather if I could tell nature what to do...

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Leggin Mania part 2

Yesterday I asked you to guess which of the leggings I wear the most and love the most. Top 3 above.
The Zebra print is my favorite. These 3 are worn more than any other.
My least favorite is the purple and the leopard.
I like all of them but can't find t-shirts that fit me properly to go with them.
this means I have 8 black shirts. 3 V-neck, 2 round neck, 2 blouses not t-shirts.
Black shirts and other colors are either fitted, to short, cap sleeves etc.
One lady at TOPS, said don't you have any other color shirts beside black?
I said NOPE! I don't
I wanted to show my new Blouse and  Chrismtas Leggins. I had Christy Brinkly scheduled, but she canceled due to breaking her arm on DWTS.
The leggings have SLOTHS in Pink Christmas sweaters and trees. I was careful and took a test shot.
The thing is, I thought they were Bears, until I got them home. 

Sloths??? Chrismtas sloths!!

The Rest of The Story below.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Legging Mania?

Hello my name is MadSnapper! I can't go into Wal-Mart without browsing the leggings! Two on the left top are Christmas Leggings, One from last year and one from last week. They keep putting them on sale. they are only 5.78 regular price and Last year they were on Sale for $3.88 this year they are $4.44..

Christmas Leggins, latest purchase

JUST SO YOU KNOW! I bought all of these over and 18 month period of time.

PS.... I have 4 solid black, 1 solid purple that are not shown. that is 12 print, 5 solid. Before you start judging me for buying more than I can wear, you need to know I wear 3 of them to the YMCA only.  I may have the Nick Name at the Y of Fancy Pants.... Hubby started that! Guess which one is my favorite that I wear more than any other. I will let you know tomorrow if you guessed it.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Two Trees up or Two Trees Down?

Twas the day after thanksgiving, 
the whole world was shopping.
I said to myself, I am not stopping
Not even for mopping,
until that Charlie Brown Tree
is standing tall and free
In The Nook.

I grabbed the bag from on high on the shelf,
thinking this is so easy, I don't even need an elf.
I sat staring and rocking,
thinking you all  might be mocking me
and my one cute, but tiny little  tree.

I ran my hands through my hair in despair,
and jumped right up from my rocking chair.
I grabbed for the bag with another small tree,
this was really easy you see,
The ornaments and lights, reside on this tree,
and is removed fully ready, to be plugged in by 

So now you have to decide. 
Try not to be snide.

Did MadSnapper 
Put two trees up, or is she 2 trees down?
I hope this leaves you with nary a frown.,

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Accidental Holiday Header

I dragged out a header I made a couple of years ago, featuring Santa Bob on the Beach,
 Decided I did not really like it.
Found a wreath and some other junk, 
added to an old Santa Bob in his rocking chair header from a year ago.
Still not happy, I found another wreath in Sketchpad.
Messed around with it, still did not like it
Deleted Big and myself and sat starting at the wreath. I
 decided to fiddle with the blend mode, clicked on HARDLIGHT 
and Wow! I loved it
When I came to from the fog of playing in PicMonkey,
 I ended up with the header you see today.
There is no method to my Madness, 
I just play and drag and click on buttons until I find something I like. 
Be glad I did not post ALL the creations here.
I may have Madly Clicked on every blend mode in the software.
Unlike a coloring book, I can back out of anything at anytime.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Killer in the yard

Dead center of photo above is a Hawk. He is focused on one of my baby squirrels.

The squirrel was hiding in the Bird of Paradise, the foliage to thick for the wings of the Killer Hawk. I stood next to the plant, guarding the baby.

Mama Squirrel chittered, Mama MadSnapper chattered, He sat on the branch giving me the evil eye.
I won the stand off, this time. He soared off and the baby was safe.

Thanksgiving morning, as we walked Big Boy, Mister Hawk dropped out of the tree in the grass.
He was only about 10 or 12 feet from us. . He flew off with something, we could not tell what.

The loving couple hunt sun up to about 8 am...

We see them every time we walk Big Boy.

 I wish they ate raccoons.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Hello, my name is Sanford

Yes, I live with Fred's 1st Cousin, Bob! we have two of these lawn mowers and they do not work! Have not worked for years! I keep saying find a way to get rid of them! He keeps saying he will!
I know today is black Friday, and decide to show you what makes me have 
BLACK thoughts!
Just in case you wonder why the fenced yard is so tiny, when we bought the house 30 years ago, we had a dog named Max that hated the meter reader that is up over the AC... We fenced the small area to keep Max contained in the real back yard.  Now the tiny yard is a Sanford Junk Yard. They don't read the meter any more, it is all computerized and read from somewhere in the intranet. If we took the fence down, the whole yard would be Sanfords Yard. You do NOT want to see the garage!

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thanksgiving 2019

OOOPS! Happy Thanksgiving
What! You don't like my Thanksgiving Greeting I made for you in PicMonkey?  Wellllll

KIDDING!!! Love you All and 

Selfie in the sun, behind the wheel of my Kia. Yes I was sitting still. In my driveway, waiting on Bob

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

I am Engine-eous!

Some of you do not like Wal-Mart. I LOVE Wal-Mart! Santa greeted me this past Saturday, my cell came out and I had a engine-eous idea for a post!

Once Upon a time, Engine No. 1225, was asked why he loved monorails so much. His answer was, he was young and he couldn't get enough One Liners.
He said he tried to keep track of all the details at the Christmas party, but all the guest were wearing platforms and he got dis-tracked and lost track of the story.
As everyone else gulped their wine, he was chugging his. While chugging, he looked at all the food and thought this is so yummy, and suddenly he  remembered he is a chew-chew train.
Please, give him a brake! He is not very full of self-esteam.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Timing is everything

When a clock is hungry, it goes back four seconds! It is not easy eating a clock, it would be very time consuming!

We named our watchdog, Rolex! heh heh heh

Are you getting ticked off with these clock puns?
This is the proper time for you to ask a question,  not a second to late.  Click on comments and ask your question. If I don't answer, just give me a second, and I might. Relax, no need for alarm if I don't answer.....
My question for all of you is, Hour you doing?   😎😁😘
the timer that rules my life now that my memory is GONE